5 Things That Would Boldly Speak of You As A Person of Purpose

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June 12, 2020
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5 Things That Would Boldly Speak of You As A Person of Purpose

If you have been alive for a while, you will notice that people love to show off. They develop that trait from childhood. At times we want to feel superior to others, or we want to be accepted by others or we want to feel important. So we pick some things, other than purpose to use them to show off.

If this purposeless trend continues, we realize that each waking day, the more we seek to show off, the emptier we feel. Therefore, we need another dose of show off in order to service our needs of acceptance, respect and significance. Amazingly, purpose pursuit does the exact opposite.

The Purpose Antidote

Purpose pursuit will give you all the three and more, but it will not do so directly. In other words, these things we seek should seldom be sought directly. The object of our pursuits in life should never be these fleeting things, but it should always be a life of purpose.

When purpose is in sight, these benefits and more are simply a by-product. We spend so much time and effort trying to get these things, at times at the detriment of relationships and personal health. Yet all that while we could be taking a wrong vector in life.

Of course, we might have some few fleeting victories to whet our appetites to go back and seek more. And the more we seek, the emptier we still feel. It becomes something like a vicious cycle, some kind of addiction that we will need to be delivered from.

When you pursue your purpose in life, the following are some of the things that I call by-products of that pursuit that will boldly start speaking about you. They will do so continuously even after you have left this earth.

1. Your Name

A good name is rather chosen than great riches and loving favour rather than silver or gold. That’s scriptural. If you think of two African Presidents you will see what I am talking about. The first one is Mobutu Seseseko of DR Congo. The man’s riches were unprecedented, but the name was the cost of them.

The other name is Nelson Mandela. His so-called riches in African standards of a President were laughable, but his name is currency even in death. At the end of the day, both Mandela and Mobutu did not go to the afterlife with their riches, but wit their names. Think about that.

If you want to build your name, the faster and most obvious way to do that is to pursue your purpose. The secret is not to build the name. Like I have already said, it is a by-product. Getting your name to speak boldly is not the goal. Purpose pursuit is. The name will follow.

2. Your Impact

I know of no human being (even though I have not met everyone) who did not have a reason to be alive. I am talking from the point of view of creation. Why in the world would you be here on earth if your life was not meant to impact people?

Your impact will speak for it self when you pursue a life of purpose. Why? Because a life of purpose will most obviously create an impact in someone else’s life. Purpose is not for your own consumption. Purpose is for impact, difference and value addition.

I have found out that even a single day in purpose pursuit if much more powerful than a whole month of drifting. At the end of the day, you will never need to show off anything when you have lived your life full of purpose. Those impacted will do it for you. Again, you are not going directly after impact, you are simply pursuing a life of purpose.

3. Your Inspiration

There are different ways that you will inspire people. Some will watch you from a distance and feel inspired. Others will receive that inspiration directly from your leadership. Both ways, it is easier to have it done when you are smack in the middle of a purpose pursuit.

Inspiration is the currency for a person of purpose. This is one of those few things that we should do directly. However, we do this because we are people of purpose, not because we are seeking recognition. Also, people will see how inspired you are in and of yourself and that will challenge them too.

Instead of peddling your name and showing off this and that, be a person of inspiration by pursuing your purpose. The inspiration will do the showing off for you even when you are asleep. Otherwise, you have to do the showing off yourself every time you are awake, and that’s a thankless full-time job.

4.Your Commitment/Consistency

Stickability with purpose pursuit is the rarest thing you saw on the face of the earth these days. And yet, whenever you find people who are consistent with what they are doing, that consistency speaks for itself. You will seldom find them stooped in a habit of trying to show off this and that so they can get the approval of other people.

They are busy. They are consumed with what they are called to do to even care about stopping to show off. And yet, that consumption with purpose, that commitment to it and that consistency speaks volumes, sending ripples into the universe not just in the current generation, but also through the coming ones.

So instead of looking for cheap publicity of your life, stay committed to your purpose. It will publicize you by itself.

5. Your Enthusiasm

Internal joy is contagious. We love people who are happy and joyous. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, you cannot fake joy. You cannot fake enthusiasm. You cannot fake passion. It is one intangible force on the face of the earth that will invariably be found with those people that are on purpose pursuit.

The world is laden with gloomy people. People always complaining about this and that. People always finding fault in this and that. Partisan folks who are selfish. The news outlets used to dominate the airwaves with this and they still do. Well, unfortunately, that bug has now bit the social media channels.

The person pursuing purpose has no time for such a negative vibe. However, daily they are exuding great enthusiasm because of the progress they are making and the passion that is resulting from that purpose pursuit. That enthusiasm will speak boldly for you rather than the showing off that people want to make.

So there you go. Pursue your purpose and worry not about showing off so you can be respected, gain significance and it into a social grouping of sorts!

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