Apathy—The Greatest Enemy of Purpose Pursuit After Ignorance

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June 8, 2020
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Apathy—The Greatest Enemy of Purpose Pursuit After Ignorance


speaks of a calling or a destiny. Such heavy words to use, one might think that once purpose has been discovered, one will not have any issue with pursuing it to the hilt. That would be wrong. As much as there is passion connected to purpose, it doesn’t always follow that you will be forever empowered by passion once you have discovered your purpose.

Enemies of Purpose

Perhaps the greatest enemy of purpose is ignorance. This is greatly fuelled by the status quo. I have talked about that before. It is a sad day when a greater percentage of the human population lives this world with a totally different mandate than purpose.

We find ourselves either surviving, trying to “make it in life”, or trying to outcompete one another once we deem ourselves to have “made it”. All these forms of living are starkly outside of purpose pursuit, and invariably, they end up stressing us up. There is no fulfillment and no legacy in that kind of life.

It’s becoming Common

It ends up being an empty life. Someone said:

“There is ultimately only one thing that makes human beings deeply and profoundly bitter, and that is to have thrust upon them a life without meaning”

So in the recent past, we are doing our best to align our lives to purpose. This is not just happening for individuals, but also for organizations. This is good news, but we have to understand that it is not the end, but just the beginning. Purpose discovery is the entry door to a life of fulfillment.

And Yet…

So after conquering the enemy of ignorance of purpose, one should not be fooled that it is smooth sailing all along. Purpose has to be discovered but it also has to be worked out. This is where the rubber meets the road. At times, those who have discovered their purpose and those who haven’t are one and the same thing because of one thing—apathy.

Apathy is some insidious laziness that is developed by people who know that they should do better. It creeps on you over time because of lack of a push, lack of consistency. When you stay too long without doing anything to push your purpose forward, apathy sets in.

The Silent Killer

It is so insidious that it can cause you to hate the very thing that you were passionate about in the first place? Why? Because the inactivity you have with your purpose pursuit eats upon you and starts making you feel thoroughly guilty with yourself. But just whey is there inactivity after the discovery of purpose?

1. Purpose is Supposed to Pay me Immediately

This mentality will have you gobsmacked, whacked at the side of your head with reality. If you start pursuing purpose with a short-term agenda of making a killing, you will be surprised at times how long it takes to gain anything from your purpose pursuit.

So when reality hits home, you get so discouraged that you stop working on it. Invariably, many people jump ship over here and set out to do other things that promise or actually deliver instant returns and gains. When that happens, purpose apathy sets in. You are dissatisfied but you are also made with yourself for dumping your purpose.

2. Purpose Is not Business

The other reason for inactivity with purpose pursuit is related to the first one. Some people have a mentality that purpose is not business and therefore they do nothing constructive with it. Let me just say that all business that is successful has purpose at the center of it.

When you think that purpose is not for monetization, you end up relegating it to the periphery, only to pursue it at the sunset of your days. But in the meantime, it creates apathy in your life. Purpose discovery that is not acted on will always bring that apathy. It is immediate and consistent action with your purpose that delivers in the end.

3. Purpose is of the Spirit so no need for Hard Work

Perhaps this is the biggest lie about purpose pursuit. It is true that purpose is of the spirit. It is intangible. The greatest mistake people make with matters spirit is the thought that there is no hard work needed in spiritual matters.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The fact that there are no documented and institutionalized aspects of purpose pursuit does not mean that we should walk in ignorance. Purpose discovery is the beginning, not the end. Discovering what your purpose does not guarantee success at all. Work must be applied to it.


When that does not happen, apathy sets in. As I have already indicated, apathy can be worse than ignorance for it creates an enemy of your against your purpose. Apathy causes people to rise up against something that they cherished in the first place because it reminds them of their lack of input over a long period of time as was required of them.

So learn to pursue your purpose even when you do not see any payment for it (yet).

Learn to pursue your purpose even when you are discouraged and misunderstood.

Purpose pursuit thrives through consistency and momentum. That’s where the fruits come from. Keep at it.