5 Things Money May or May Not Buy But We Take For Granted

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September 4, 2021
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5 Things Money May or May Not Buy But We Take For Granted

Life is precious. There is no doubt about that. However, we early on in our lives start deviating from the basics and simplicity of life seeking things that apparently are not in our vicinity. We complicate the preciousness of life and gauge it with things that are not within our vicinity. We feel like money should be a great indicator of the preciousness of life.

As we do that, we ignore very many precious things that some of them money cannot even buy that we already have in abundance. It is only when any one of these things is taken from us that we realize how critically important it was and how we were taking it for granted.

It is possible for a while generation to miss the preciousness of life and engage in a rat race for money, gadgets, adventure, pleasure and comfort. All along, there are things that we could savor if we were keen just to take a moment and appreciate what we already have. Here are some of the things we should not take for granted.

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1. Health

Money might or might not buy you health. When you do not have money and you do not have good health at that self-same time, it is quite a stressful situation. But when you have money and your health is deteriorating, you instantly realize how one is much more important than the other.

That’s why you should always celebrate your health even when you are in dire straits as far as money is concerned. There is a reason why divine health is a thing that you participate in, and healing is not within your domain. If there is no money around you, celebrate your health. Your health is basically your wealth at the end of the day.

2. Purpose

Everybody has purpose. It is the reason for our being. It is why we’re here in the first place. You can find purpose in your day to day living or you can pursue your purpose in life with one direction—your calling in life. The thing with purpose is that money cannot buy it.

However, when you pursue your purpose single-mindedly until it starts churning out money, you can always be sure that you will have enough money in your family to release your children to focus on their purpose other than just to eke out a living.

You might be jobless and have no dime with you. Perhaps you are struggling to feed yourself and your family. However, if you do have purpose, celebrate it and use this trying time to dig deep into your psyche and cement your purpose. If the only thing you can do about it is pray, then by all means pray it through.

3. Family/Relationships

There is so much gold in family and relationships. In fact, if you have nothing in life but you have people who love and care for you as you love and care for others, your life is absolutely rich. I know that this area of life cannot be quantifiable. However, people say daily that “your network is your net worth”.

I wouldn’t want to approach this area of life from the business angle but just from the angle of life itself. Over ten years ago, I had no money, no job and the bills were piling every waking day. Someone came into my life that helped me through that tough season.

He would come and take me to the nearby supermarket, pick a huge trolley and take me from one aisle of the supermarket to another picking just about ANYTHING I wanted and needed. He would settle the bills. That relationship carried through my trying period in life.

The thing with relationships is that it is easy to take them for granted in our pursuit for money and the finer things of life.

4. Safety

Shh! Listen carefully. The birds are chirping. The kids are playing. The plane is buzzing just above the sky. People’s radio systems are blasting their favorite music. That’s the sound of safety and security, at least during the day. Did you have that yesterday? How about today? This month? The past three years?

Even though millions of dollars are spent on ensuring that people are safe, it is easy for us to take that aspect of our lives for granted. We cannot excel in our mandate and even in life itself outside of security. Ask the guys in Afghanistan or Syria or Yemen. Ask the people in Tigray in Ethiopia or the people in Somalia. Ask the herdsmen in Laikipia in Kenya right about now.

Don’t take what you have for granted.

5. Peace of Mind

This is another powerful asset you can have. I am writing this article because my mind is at peace. I am not stressed by the things of life, the things I have done or the things that people have done against me. It is peace of mind surrounding me. However, it is very easy for me to take this peace for granted. Probably, money might not buy this but when I do have money, I have more peace of mind than when I don’t.

However, if you have peace of mind and impeccable mental health even when you do not have money, it is time to celebrate.

Until You Lose it…

If you wanted to know that life is rich, try and lose any one of the above that are readily available. Lose your health and you would know how precious it is. Lose your purpose and you will know how critically important it is.

If you were ever locked up in solitary confinement, you will understand the value of people. If your country was marred in war, you will understand how the safety you enjoy right now is critical. If you had mental health problems, stress and all that accompany mental health issues, you will understand how peace of mind is important to you.

So don’t take these things for granted. Maybe you don’t have money but you have all the above. You are well to do. Celebrate what you have as you forge ahead to make your life better.

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