August 16, 2013
August 22, 2013


“If a despot like Adolf Hitler can think of 1000-year reign, why can’t you think of a goal that is gonna last 100 years after you have gone?”

–Peter J Daniels

It is not a secret that a vast majority of people spend their entire lives seeking basic needs…and that is just it. A certain percentage who have moved out of that bracket are always seen as successful. They do not have to think about where the food will come from…they have their housing/rent already sorted…and they have already paid for their kids to go to school.

OK…so is that it? Is that all there is to life? Pay bills, circumvent challenges and go to the grave? I beg to differ. The very essence of Life Signatures is to matter to people..and today, we continue to look at how we can matter to people in more than four generations from ourselves.

We have already seen in the earlier post that the very intention of our existence was, and still is for eternity. Therefore, the very first thing that you need in place in order to impact 300 years from now is a life of purpose. 


The second thing that you need is a system of not only impacting the world with your purpose but also a system of preserving and passing on your vision to not only the existing generation, but also the one after it. The simple terminology is training!

Come to think of it…the information we know today has been passed down to us from the previous generation. A huge chunk of what we know today is not discovery in that it is new, it is revelation in that it has always existed!

But how did we know? It was passed down to us through stories, inspiring or otherwise.

The world today has afforded us serious technological advantages to preserve our values and pass them on to the next generation.

Honestly if your existence in the world cannot be identified 300 years from now, you will have not only misused technology to impact generations after you, you would have failed in leaving a legacy! The point here that we need to realize is that talking of impacting people 300 years from now does not necessarily need that we die like Jesus Christ did for them…

So after knowing your life purpose…the second most logical thing to do in tandem with living it is passing it down to your next generation. Granted, their purposes might be different from yours, but no doubt they will share some of your values and take inspiration from the comebacks you had and the lessons you recorded!

  • My son and daughter can easily access all these thoughts of mine years from now…in fact even their kids and their kids can get access to this information. They can take a peek into my thought patterns, my hangups, my passion, my dreams and my mission. I can tell you this, that there is no better place for inspiration than the home. It is at the home that the next generation receive direction without question. Whatever I tell them is the gospel truth, it will shape their character, define their thinking patterns, and chart the course of their lives. The content of my vision, mission, purpose and values can be easily documented through blogging!
  • I can record videos on YouTube that the next generation can easily access. Let’s say that my passion is about designing legacies. Every time I have something special on this subject, all I need to do is quickly assemble a home-based studio and record. I can easily upload this stuff on my YouTube channel. This catch is that I am not doing this for the people around me today, but I am looking far ahead to the third and fourth generation benefiting from this.
  • OK, have you seriously thought about sharing your social media passwords with the next generation? If you died today (God forbid, but you will die one day), can we access your tweets, blog, Facebook, instagram, and other relevant social media you have registered on. Here is the thing…some of the things most people are posting today will be read by their kids soon enough. Scary thought?

Let’s use today’s technology to preserve our vision, values and pursuits, failures, comebacks and lessons that we have learnt so that the people who matter to us in the next generation will have shortcuts!