How To Be A World Class Father
August 9, 2013
August 19, 2013


“Why 300 years”? Someone is asking. “Why in the world should I stress myself in thinking 300 years from today”? Good question if you are not a visionary. Yet that question has an answer. You are only human. How in the world can you see 300 years from today? Well, the answer is that you most definitely can.


It is more than 2000, yes a whole whooping 2000 years since the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ…and the whole wide world is still impacted by Him. How about that for a Legacy? Yet was that his sole purpose on earth? To leave a Legacy?

Nope. His leaving a legacy is simply the end result, or the benefit, or the consequence of his core vision:

“I came to seek and save that which was lost” ~ Jesus Christ

If someone asked me why I came right about now…would I have an answer? Would I say it without batting an eye? Would I say it with so much passion that those who hear it would be energized by it? Would I say it with so much belief that those who hear it would want to be part of it? Would you say that you have an answer? Think about that the whole of today please.

I have never really tangibly thought about this subject until I heard Peter J Daniels speak. Of course he is passionate about leaving a legacy and an inheritance for our children’s children.

But then again, I am the C.E.O of Life Signatures. I need to ask myself some pertinent questions. How long is a legacy? How many years should it take? Those are so bold questions that people seldom ask.

By the close of the day, I need to have a number etched in my mind of how long I intend my Life Signature to live.

For the most part…we only plan for our lives. I have for example my goals for all the 8 areas of my life for this year and for the next ten years. But pray tell me…how do we plan for our children’s children? Give and take…we should have a vision for the next 300 years.

A 300-year vision is not about ourselves, it is about others

A 300-year vision is not about things, it is about values
A 300-year vision is not about productivity alone, but also about priority on what really matters
A 300-year vision is about passion, pursuit and purpose.

I am thinking, the longer I project and plan in the future, the more clear and true my life signature becomes. If  you studied the lives of people who have left an impact in life for long, you will find out something interesting about them. It is the same thing for each and every one of them.

  1. They never really set out to leave a legacy
  2. They had one thing in mind that they focussed on
  3. They were totally and wholly abandoned to their cause and even staked their lives on it (some died for it)
  4. They knew that they could not do it alone
  5. They deliberately trained followers

So far, there is no doubt that more and more people are interested in leaving legacies. The question today is: How do I plan for the next 300 years?

It is much simpler than people think.

First, the creator has put everything inside of us to impact millions for years. In fact, his initial plan was that we would live meaningful lives for eternity! So how is 300 years compared to eternity?

A 300-year vision is hidden inside of you. All you have to do is start asking questions about it. What is it? How can I unearth it? How will I know this is it? Believe me, those questions have answers. The tragedy of humanity is that we do not ask the correct questions.

Start looking inside of you (assuming that you have already acknowledged the Creator’s intent for your life).

We shall continue these thoughts in a latter post. So…do you have a 300-Year Vision?