What you Should Have Done Before Google that you Must do Now and When Google is Gone

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September 23, 2014
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What you Should Have Done Before Google that you Must do Now and When Google is Gone

Yes, I know. I have just broken writing rules by having a weird Title above. But that is the beauty of being a boss on your own blog! You break the rules…at your own peril!

Secondly, I don’t think Google is going anywhere just yet. Google is here to stay. Yet there are some important things that Google might not help you with!

Google Makes you Smart!

Few weeks ago, my wife was on Whatsapp chatting away with a friend in Uganda. This guy asked her about something in Uganda and since she was not well acquianted with the information, well you guessed it, she just Googled (Spell checker must upgraded to include the word ‘googled’)…so she gave him the answer. He asked another question for clarity sake, she Googled again and gave him the answer.

This dude thought that my wife was an absolute genius( Of course she is!). She was careful not to tell the guy to Google for himself so she can remain a genius in his regard. (That’s smart).

Without a doubt, one of the greatest revolutions on the internet immediately after chat rooms and forums was Google! Thank God for this awesome search engine.

Why do you think Google ranks up as one of the top 5 tech companies? It is simply because everybody is looking for answers. If for example, you forgot the URL for Life Signatures and you really wanted to reference one of the posts I made, guess what? You just Google!

And Google has awesomely diversified to include stuff like Google Map (an app that I absolutely love to use when I read my Bible, tracking the routes that Jesus used).

However, with all these wonderful value adding benefits of Google, there is one thing that Google comes short of. But don’t bet on it. It still does try as much as possible to get you close there.

A Learner Attitude

Listen, before Google came, you must have been a seeker, an ‘asker’, a searcher and a learner. In life, questions are answers. The problem is that people are always asking the wrong questions!

  • Why was I born like this?
  • Why didn’t I die in my mother’s womb?
  • Why is life and misery given to me?

Granted, some of these questions must be asked at some level as we experience life.

The Most Important Question

I believe that one of the most important questions that you could ask is this: What is my life Purpose?

And you know what? Google has answers to that questions…but the answers Google gives you might not be relevant to you! Google will help you get links to websites, coaches and even videos that will help you unearth your life purpose…but Google will not help you if you are not a seeker!

I get amazed at how hoards of people are remotely interested in knowing what their life purpose is! In my thinking, this should be a passionate quest for everybody born of a woman!

Not everybody wants Deliverance!

What I have realized though is that if you walked down the streets and had a passion for improving the lives of street kids (I did this years back), you will find out that not all of them want to get out of the streets! This shocked me. Then I remembered what Jesus Christ said, “The poor you will always have with you”.

At the same token, I see people these days all over the place teaching strategies of how to be a millionaire. Guess what? Not everybody wants to be a millionaire!

But Life Purpose? Why would someone not be passionate about it? Why would someone not be a seeker of their WHY? You want to tell me that there are people out there who never stop to ask the reason for their existence? Aha!

One of the simplest yet most profound commands ever given to man is this:

“Ask, and you will receive, Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”

Unfortunately, when it comes to Life Purpose, you might not get the answers you seek in 0.02 seconds like Google does. What is needed is the following:

  1. A desperately passionate search
  2. Consistency in seeking
  3. Promptness in taking action
  4. Relentless refining and clarifying of purpose
  5. Relentless connection with ‘men of like passions’.
  6. A reflective, meditative spirit daily
  7. Gratitude for what you have accomplished for far.

Yet I tell you this: If ever Google failed to show up one day, you must never fail to continue seeking and refining and living your Life Purpose.

Question: What is the Most important thing to you?