What Do You Do While Waiting For A Breakthrough?

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October 9, 2013
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October 25, 2013

What Do You Do While Waiting For A Breakthrough?

It has been an interesting year this 2013 to me. Using the message of illusions, it is very easy for me to paint 2013 as a ‘bad’ year for me…but that would be totally wrong.

I think this has been one of the most fruitful years I have been alive. For one, I am thoroughly excited about finishing up my second manuscript of a book that has been on my mind for more than two years. The book, “Turn your Setbacks Into Major Comebacks: 21 Ways a Life crisis makes a better, deeper, and grander you” is based on a true life story of a visionary who has failed very many times since his childhood and how he is learning to turn things around.

One of the concepts, and honestly, one of the greatest concepts in that book is the ability to focus on what we can do, and not letting what we cannot do at a moment in time hinder us from progressing. Just a week after I get through with the manuscript, life handed me an opportunity to use my own medicine.

In the book, I talk about the beauty of adversity and how we need to look at hardship positively (and I thought that would be easy…). In between, I have re-affirmed that very many visionaries as well as ‘ordinary folks’ need the information gathered in this book that I have been pregnant with for a couple of years.

I have learnt that an adversity or a challenge is inherently a call to greatness. Without a challenge or an adversity, there seldom would be a platform to celebrate victories. Yesterday, I read this words from one of my writing mentors, Anthony T. Gitonga:

“There is a lot of difference between what we won’t do and what we can’t do. What we won’t do will keep us from greatness a lot more than what we can’t do. Ultimately, choices and not abilities, are our greatest hindrances to lasting success”

The greatest lesson shared in my book is that when an adversity hits you, you need to put on a mindset of abundance rather than that of scarcity. An adversity mostly takes away things from you: money, a loved one, an opportunity, a break, your psyche and ultimately your esteem. Consequently, you tend to shrink back and do nothing as you ‘out-wait the adversity’.

The greatest lesson I shared is that in the wake of a setback, find something…anything…and do it. It does not have to be directly related to your breakthrough. It does not have to be directly connected to your recovery. It just has to be something that puts your mind to action. When that happens, signals are sent to your body, to your brains, and ultimately to the world that you are still around, and nobody should count you out.

Friend, that is the medicine that I took…I prescribed it to myself, and it works like magic. You are reading this simply because of that prescription. Otherwise, the next time I would have written something would be many weeks from now.

Makes sense?