How You Can Buy Back Your Greatness in One Second…

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October 3, 2013
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How You Can Buy Back Your Greatness in One Second…

An illusion can be created in a split second…yet believing in it can deprive a soul of greatness for a long period of time.It is particularly interesting to observe that when you get an illusion during an adversity, chances are that dwelling on it will deepen your state of hardship.

Illusions happen in the mind. My mental state is one of the most critical aspects of my life whenever I am going through a hardship.

Have you ever realized how easy it is to be disillusioned? An illusion is mostly created from a reality. For the most part, this reality is usually a bad one: A job loss, a heart break, failure at school, loss of investments, disapproval by closest people in your life, 9: O’clock news on the economy…and so on.

The illusions are like a fog that very slowly settles over us. Before long, the darkened view ahead seems normal. We forget that only a few feet above us is clear sky. Some people walk their entire lives in this fog, never questioning the source or nature of the fog, and rarely risking the safety of the fog to poke their heads out, if even for a moment –Kim George.

 For example, the reality will communicate that there is no money. It will communicate that your better days have long gone. The reality will say that the divorce is real…and the illusion will add that you will never ever enjoy the thrills of marriage, a family and a home.

The reality will say that you have flunked the papers today, and the illusion will spice that message up just a little bit to indicate that you will never ever make it in life. The reality will tell you that you are a lousy speaker from the feedback of the audience and the illusion will amplify the message that you were never ‘called’ to speak.


The reality will tell you without lying that the sales have not come in the past three months and the illusion will add that you will never ever succeed. Notice though that it is not the reality that is creating the belief. It is the illusion communicated from the reality that easily forms a belief. The truth is that you have two options. You can accept the reality and reject the illusion or you can believe the illusion together with the reality.

I think you get the message.

As long as we are alive and as long as we face adversities, we will have instances where we are to choose between believing an illusion based on a reality, or reinforcing our greatness based on our purpose.

Your greatness can be lost in that one instance of an adversity. It can also be bought back right then and there through the following ways:

  1. Deciding beforehand that no adversity will identify who you are
  2. Deciding beforehand to believe the best about yourself
  3. Deciding beforehand to always separate the illusion from the reality
  4. Deciding beforehand not to make a permanent decision in a temporary setback
  5. Deciding beforehand that all setbacks, adversities and mishaps in life are temporary
  6. Deciding beforehand to be relentless when faced with a setback
  7. Deciding beforehand to always make the greatest speech ever to the greatest audience ever!

There you have it.

Makes sense?