March 25, 2011
April 5, 2011


There is a certian football (soccer) club that I have been blowing hot and cold with my support. I always tell people that I do not consider myself to be a fanatic, and that I am a cool, calm and collected fellow when it comes to cheerig teams. This particular team of mine has gone for seasons without winning a single trophy. Sadly, the success of a club is measured by how many trophies are in its cabinets.

So the question normally goes begging…what is the problem with this team? Why are they going on season in season out without proving their worth? There could be many reasons for this. What normally happens when a team underperforms is that the coach gets fired! Come to think of it, regardless of how lousy you might think the players are, it is the coach that normally bears the brunt of under-performance. Coaches are very important in the success of a winning team.
In life, these coaches come in the form of mentors. We have different areas in life in which we need help. As a Visionary, I would really encourage you to tap into the resources of mentors. Here is why: one of the greatest qualities of successful people is the aspect that Da Vinci attributed to curiosity. A curious mind is a very open mind, always willing to learn. The moment you stop learning, that is when you actually die. Since the aspect of mentoring is not institutionalized, a great visionary will have to get out of his way and seek mentors in areas of life that they need to improve. I read about a success legend some time back called Harvey Mackay. This is a guy who is a New York best seller, syndicated columnist and motivating speaker. You would think he had it going. That he had it all together, until you hear what he said:

“I’ve had 20 coaches, if you can believe it. And that’s not a typo. I have a speech coach, I have a writing coach, I have a humor coach, I’ve got a language coach, and on and on.”

So there you have it. I personally believe that one of the cancers of our generation is the lack of mentors/coaches. They have all been fired…or were never hired in the first place. So we look into our trophy cabinet, and we havent opened it for ages! Why is that? Sometimes we are so in the dark that we do not even realize that we are lost…the darkness has become light to us. I am so passionate about the family, especially raising up kids. We are all taken to school, and we cram Lamark’s theory (hope that is the spelling), pythogoras (pardon the spelling), and many other theories, only to land into the real world oblivious of what is needed for success, greatness, wealth and significance. We were  never mentored in what really matters!

I think it is John Maxwell who said something to the effect of “The reason as to why I see far is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. Wow.
A mentor is simply someone who has gone the way, is on that particular way, is passionate about it, and shows fruits of the way. A friend of mine told me some years back that the importance of readign a book is because the author has condensed years of knowledge and experience into few pages that will take you a week to grasp! Wow again!
I have several mentors…some of them I might not have a personal relationship with them, but I simply devour their ‘books’ and condensed information. In fact this blog is the sum total of all the mentors I have ever had in life.
My question today is…who is mentoring you? Who is your personal coach? When is the last time you put a trophy into the cabinet? What are your thoughts about this?