The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 5

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August 17, 2018
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August 21, 2018

The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 5


oing through one of my articles that I wrote some time back, I came across an interesting statement that I made. It seems as if my thoughts are well connected around this subject of potential, and I am not just thinking, writing and researching about in this season for the first time. This statement has to do with a choice between monetizing your potential or eke out a living, otherwise called surviving. In honesty, there is a place for both. You will not be born and start monetizing your potential. There is that moment of transition that you might have to go through as you seek to monetize your potential. That moment might force you to be on “survival mode” until such a time that you are able to stand on your own feet.

Here is the quote:

“The biggest reason why many people dump their passion for a job is because it takes considerable time for the purpose to build a strong platform enough to start generating good income”

Making The Choice

There comes a time though when we either make the choice to monetize our potential or we are forced by circumstances to do that. Unfortunately by the time we are forced to monetize our potential, I am not so sure that we are in the right frame of mind to do it. Either way, I cannot say that there is a better way to choose to monetize your potential. Chances are that if you are forced to do it by circumstances, you still might reach the promised land, at times faster than usual because you have no choice but to make it there. If though you are taking it by stride, chances are that you might not make it there faster. The choice therefore is to impose a goal upon yourself and decide to get it done.

Taking Action

Monetizing your potential is something that you act on. This action is not a one off thing that you do and forget about it. It is something that you will keep doing. The thing with potential is that you can always get better at it. You can always grow. The following are the critical activities that you need to do in order to keep monetizing your potential.

1. Toot Your Own Horn

There are people who are gifted in offering solutions to their niche markets. Incidentally, there are people belonging to that niche market who have no idea about the availability of the solutions. The reason is because people do not market themselves in the way that will cause the market to respond. If you do not value yourself, the market will not pay any price higher than your value. In other words, if you believe that you have a solution, then go out there in the world and tell them that you do. This is the most enduring action that you ought to take. I am speaking to myself on this one. There are things that I do and there are people that need my services. This is because I mostly keep to myself. To mitigate this, I think the following things must be put in consideration:

  •  Brand Yourself: 

We need to learn to package ourselves so that we can be identified as solution providers. That is one of the surest ways to monetize our potential. The traditional way of dishing out business cards no longer works as it used to. People collect business cards but do not refer to them or use them. People though remember your brand, not based on merchandise such as business cards and T-shirts, but based on value and solutions you provide. You will never forget the stories you hear about what someone’s brand did…but you will always or misplace a business card.

  • Seek out Industry Leaders

There are very many mastermind groups. For the most part, you will get good business out of trust. You and I know though that it is next to impossible to trust a stranger, but it is so easy to trust the same stranger if either a trusted friend refers her to you, or you find out that you share the same interests. That comes through being part of a mastermind group. The more you are credible, and the more exposed you are to industry leaders, the more you tend to get more referrals come your way.

  • Showcase Testimonials

Speaking of referrals, the best people that can refer you are those that have already experienced your services. The key here is to offer wowing value to them that they can’t help but recommend your services to friends and loved ones. When they become raving fans, it is important to take their words touting your work and show it to the world. Don’t over do it though, but do it consistently.

2. Keep Refining & Innovating

You cannot be having the same product for 20 years and depend on it alone. To monetize your potential, keep innovating and evolving your products. In the process, you are honing your skills. When people see continuous improvements on your product, they are prompted to note that you are becoming the go to person or the authority figure in that niche. Soon enough, your name becomes synonymous with the niche.

In summary, monetizing your potential is a function of three things:

  1. Knowledge: Know what your potential is
  2. Intention: Set out to monetize it
  3. Strategy: Roll up your sleeves and plan all the ways to monetize it
  4. Action: Do it and let the world know that you are doing it.

Are you ready to start the process?