The beauty of Getting a Positive Response

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July 8, 2015
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September 4, 2015

The beauty of Getting a Positive Response


attended church last Sunday with my kids. Ethan refused to go to children’s church because he loves to watch the drummer do his thing as well as the multimedia on the big screen. Serah was content to sleep on my shoulder. The service was a bit different, being handled by ‘Watoto Children’s Choir #70’. No, they did not preach but their performance was the best ‘message’ I have heard in a while. I will come back to what happened in a short while…

Should the Response Always be a Yes?

Now, I have had numerous ‘rejections’ all my life and frankly, that is part of life. It starts when we are still growing up in our parents’ houses. You ask for something and you get a big old “No”.

  • You like (or you are seriously infatuated by a cute someone). You approach them (or send loud signals from far), and they treat you like you were a ghost…or like you are not there.
  • You apply for a job that you are so sure that you could do it with finesse and without a struggle. You get a “No”.
  • You come up with a great proposal for a prospective client. You know that you have the clout, knowledge, experience and all the bells and whistles to pull off the project. You get a “NO”.

Flipping the Coin

What does that do to you?

Let’s flip the coin for a minute.

You ask your parents for something, they give it to you. You get a ‘Yes’ again and again and again, basically all the time! You do not know what a “No” is.

  • You ask her out for the first time, she says Yes. You ask her for anything she says yes, all the time.
  • You apply for the job, you get it. You try out a start-up, you flourish without a hustle.
  • You make the business proposal, it’s a Yes. And it remains a Yes all the time.
  • You ask God for something, you get a Yes, all the time.

Step back a minute.

What would you prefer?

The latter life or the former?

It’s all About Wavelengths!

Now, let’s assume that what you are looking for, what you really want and what you really desire is something good that you should get a positive response when you seek, (And most of the time, this is the case). Why is it that we get a “No” response?

  • Could it be that we are asking the wrong person?
    Could it be that our timing is wrong?
  • Could it be that our format of presentation was off?
  • Could it be that our audience does not have what we are seeking from them?

But what if…

You are asking the wrong person, and you still get a positive response?

Your timing is wrong (from the perspective of the audience) and you still get them to agree?

Your format is wanting but still you get a favorable response?

Your audience does not have what you are looking for but still go out of the way to find it for you? (Or for themselves?)


Back to my story in church:

The kids who led the service were orphans. Their directors were also once orphans. They once faced impossibilities, but now their lives matter. They got me to ask myself one simple question:

What is the point of all my life’s pursuits as compared to making a difference in someone Else’s life?

And so they got a response from me. A positive response from me.

They simply tuned into my wavelength lying deep into my subconscious. I must admit that i teared up several times during the service and forced myself not to weep (because that would have been a spectacle, given the ‘weep’ that was welling up inside of me). Now, NOT everybody in that service was touched the way I was…I assure you!!

Deep inside my soul, I do care about people and would want to contribute, and make a difference in the lives of the hopeless, the lost, the downtrodden and those who are not aware of their great potential and purpose on earth.

…and these kids were giving me that opportunity right then and there! They were not selling me something that I didn’t care about…on the contrary, they just tuned into my wavelength of the things that matter most to me.

And this is the deal:

If you can get someone to cry by tuning into their wavelength, getting them to see what they really care about, then nothing else seems important. Your chances of getting a positive response are tremendously increased.

…and If what you want a response for is exactly what is what they do care about…then you have an agreement.


In other words, the short message to all these 650 plus words is this: CARE about others, from the deepest part of your heart, and you will do amazing things together!