Hook, Line and Sinker

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April 3, 2015
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July 25, 2015

Hook, Line and Sinker

The undetectable Poison


nce you entice a certain group of people to live a life-style where entertainment ranks high on the needs list, you have made a tremendous breakthrough.

What follows then is simply you peddling your notions, ideas and culture to the masses through the entertainment channels. Your idea might be the most retrogressive, appalling and culturally unacceptable idea since the world begun. But does it matter? You already have the masses’ attention through their ever increasing appetite for entertainment.

So you slide in an episode about your abhorrent idea. Some might fast forward that part, others might go through it and really complain out loud.

But one thing is sure, the masses will keep streaming all entertainment channels to feed their ‘needs’. And so will you keep peddling your ‘ideas’. It is hook, line and sinker.

Long before we ever dreamt of a Black President In America, the TV Series 24 gave us the inside story of how such a Presidency would look like. In fact, it was just few years later after the installment in ’24’ that depicted ‘President Palmer’ as a black President that we saw Barrack Obama elected to the highest office in America.

’24’ went a step ahead and featured a female president, the first ever in history. It played in the minds of people for a whole ‘season’. I can assure you it was not a fluke.

Gay Marriages were made official Five Years Ago

Yesterday, a friend of mine reminded me of the TV Series, Boston Legal that was on the screens about Five Years Ago.

In this series, a Law firm has two best buddies Allan Shore and Danny Crane. These two guys are depicted to be so close to each other. They go ahead and decide to formalize their friendship through marriage, and I think the matter is resolved through a Supreme Court Ruling.

The composition of the supreme court bench that ruled about Homosexual Marriages in the United States mirrors exactly that which was depicted in Boston Legal five years ago.

Hook, line and sinker.

Today, pick any major or new series and watch. Ideas are being peddled even so more boldly than ever before.

The entertainment industry is shaping the lifestyle of the masses. No, it might not take two years or five years, but it might take more than 15 years. Some things that would never be accepted today will be the culture of tomorrow.

Hook, line and sinker!