The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 5/5

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April 13, 2019
7 Signs of a Blockade In Your Life
April 27, 2019

The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 5/5


you are not careful with life you might come out of it have done. You might go to your grave or back to your maker with most of the things that you were supposed to use or leave here on earth. It is possible to live your life in such a way that you preserve so much in order to maintain the status quo. It is possible to live well below your privileges as a child of God solely because of some blockades that might be operating in your life.

Blockade: How Dangerous it is

I have said again and again that the worst thing about blockades is that you might not know that they are in existence and that they are in operation. A blockade to your success can limit you even without you ever knowing. I think the very first thing that we need to be in the know is what is the full extent of what we can do, and even what we were meant to do. This knowledge will help you to identify any type of blockade that might seek to derail you. We shall cover this aspect in the succeeding articles.


In the previous several articles, we have seen how a blockade can masquerade itself in different formats in your life. Before we can round off this mini-series in the message of blockades, let us take a look at the previously discussed.

  1. Mental Blockade
  2. Spiritual Blockade
  3. Cultural Blockade
  4. Self Perception

5. Experiences Blockade

Life can throw you so many curveballs that will force you to form a blockade if you are not careful. The experiences you get in life could be both positive and/or negative. They never leave you the same way they found you. In fact, the potential of each experience creating a blockade in your life is extremely high. The greatest thing that a blockade does is to influence the kind of attitude that you will have in life. let us examine some of these attitudes as we close up on this mini-series.

a) Fear

Perhaps this is the greatest of them all. They tell us that when we are born, we only have two types of fear: fear of falling and fear of noise. All the other fears are learnt. How? Through experience. Someone who goes out and attempts to do something and then fails will most obviously experience the fear of failure. In fact, that fear might not self manifest. It will be simply tucked away benignly like a form of a blockade. Fear is born in us through negative experiences. We mostly learn to fear through what we hear, what we see and what we experience. In order to conquer fear as well as the blockade that it causes, we need to change our input in terms of experiences, what we hear and what we see.

b) Procrastination

This is a form of an attitude that is a result of a blockade. A life that is devoid of deadlines, goals, urgency and intentionality will be marred greatly with procrastination. In other words, the most powerful thing that creates the attitude of procrastination is the environment that you create within and without. If you are taught well, then procrastination will be a thing that you can deal with. However, you can learn to procrastinate, picking it up as an attitude as you go. What it does is to create a blockade in you that manifests itself in the form of apathy. You easily find yourself making excuses over things that you could have done, hand the capacity to do but you didn’t.

c) Cherishing Comfort Over Growth

This has already been covered in the previous articles. Again an attitude that seeks comfort over growth is one that has been developed in an environment that was created to foster it; whether consciously or unconsciously. What that attitude does is to install a blockade in your life that limits you from growth. The nature of growth is that it happens as you push yourself. There is no comfort in growth for the most part.

d) Entitlement

People who are entitled have one major characteristic: They want people to do things for them. They want to wake up and find all that they need for the day neatly arranged. They do not want their hands dirty in any way. Again, this kind of attitude is a learned attitude that is hinged upon protectionism and provision of comfort. People who are entitled might feel like they are superior to others, but what they do not know is that the attitude of entitlement actually does provide a massive blockade. They are basically limiting themsleves in terms of their potential. Once again, I have to insist that a blockade can be so subtle in operation that you will not know what is going on under the surface.

Well, I have been able to share all the blockades that I can think of that will keep you potential bottled up firmly if you are not careful. It is time to review and check to see if we are under any “spell”of a blockade in our lives and then make the necessary adjustments.