The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 2/5

The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 1/5
March 26, 2019
The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 2/5
April 1, 2019

The 5 Types of Success Blockades You Might Experience – Part 2/5


nspiration us such a powerful thing. Of late, I have seen people making fun of coaches and motivational speakers; that nearly everyone has become one. Well, we do need it more than you realize. Such professions are in the business of unlocking all types of blockades that are hindering people from attaining success and fulfilment. We have said earlier that a blockade might be in operation in your life and you probably have no clue. That is the most dangerous thing.

Importance of a Revelation

A blockade will lock out up from fulfilling your personal potential. The worst kind of a blockade is the one that you are unaware of. At times, once you get enlightened or when the revelation comes your way, you have an understanding of what you are up against. It is only when that revelation comes that you can position yourself to start dismantling the blockade that is hindering you. I assure you, it takes time. However, if you want that time shortened, the secret is to create consistency with your actions of breaking down your blockade.

1. Mental Blockade

In the previous article, we learnt that a mental blockade is one of the most debilitating personal blockade that you can ever have. It nearly affects all manner of activity in your life that will result in success. In that article, we identified several ways you can use to break it and bring it down so that the blockade is no longer a hindrance to you.

In this article though, we shall attempt to address one of the most crucial of blockades you can have operating in your life. Perhaps it seems that this blockade is complex to explain. In fact, very many people would rather let it be. Others take two different extremes with it that are polar opposites. There is a need for balance. The fact of the matter is that there is no human being that operates outside of this sphere. I have learnt that in as many pillars of our existence that are available, there is a danger to operate in a blockade in each.

2. Spiritual Blockade

The most interesting thing about the spiritual realm is that it is in daily and constant touch with our empirical world. The even more interesting thing is that man is a spirit. Who you and I are is not flesh and blood. Our essence as human beings is the spirit.

  • Spirit explains who we are, why we are here.
  • Spirit explains the domains of our fulfilment, contribution, achievement, joy and happiness.
  • Spirit explains the domains of our misery, disappointment, heartaches, failure, fear and all diminishing and hindering negative powers.

[ictt-tweet-inline]If there is any height of success, it would never have been achieved without spirit. If there is any height of failure, it will never be realized without the anchor of spirit[/ictt-tweet-inline]. If there is any need to rise up from failure and despondency, it will never be brought about without going spiritual.

Please note that I am not talking religion here. Also, notice that you cannot talk about true religion without going full spiritual.

That being said, it is possible for people to have spiritual blockades in their lives that will hinder them from attaining the kind of success that they do have. This blockade can be seen in several types of manifestations in life.

1. Lack of purpose

It is tricky to say “lack of purpose” because, in all due honesty, there is no one on earth as a human being who doesn’t have a purpose. Purpose is not an empirical thing. Purpose is like eternity. You cannot touch it but it is there. Purpose dwells in the uniqueness of each heart alive. It is one of the most powerful elements on earth.

  • When you see a firefighter risking his life to save a doll that a young girl is crying about, it would be because of purpose.
  • When you see business thrive and have a global reach, it would be because of purpose.

The moment life does not pay attention to their own purpose that is the moment that a spiritual blockade to success is activated. Purpose is what you were created to do. If you have no idea what that is, chances are that you are operating under a spiritual blockade. So if you want to make sure that you are obliterating any spiritual blockade to your success in life, make sure that you clarify what your purpose in life is.

2. A Dormant Self Worth

[ictt-tweet-inline]Much of what we shall ever achieve in life will be directly proportional to the degree of our awareness of our self-concept, self-esteem and self-worth.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Perhaps one of the biggest blockades to success in life is in these areas. I had a blockade here several years back because I did not have a university degree. Although I was fully aware that I am intelligent, the lack of that academic paper has eaten away on my psyche like a plague.

Self Worth is a Spiritual Thing

You see, self-worth is a spiritual thing. How I perceive myself; how important I feel my contribution is; and how acceptable I perceive my capability in life it will affect how I do life. If you want to get healing from a blockade spiritually, you ought to check out the level of your self-worth. I will just tell you one thing: You do not receive self-worth from the physical world. You get it from the spiritual world. It comes also from the inside of you. You can accumulate as many things as you want outside of you, but if you do not go inside of yourself, inside of your spirit to sort out your self-concept, you will still have that blockade in place.

Falling Short

When we are “doing life” there come moments when we fall short of the standards. Moral standards, spiritual standards, personal standards and so on. This failure normally if not well dealt with, will cause you and I to have a spiritual blockade. We feel like we are not entitled or we do not have the moral authority to do something. So what do we do? We shrink back because we think we are undeserving. That is perhaps one of the biggest causes of a spiritual blockade worldwide. The fact is that there is no one who is perfect. We all have gone wrong. We all have done that which is not good in our eyes, the eyes of our parents and even the eyes of God. In order to overcome spiritual blockade, we need to understand the power of redemption. We are mortal men and women. Whenever we fall, it is important to admit our fall, acknowledge our frailty and seek help. It is important to rise up once again and give it another go.

Let us pick this up in the next article.