One More Hint Where Your Purpose Could be

3 Hints on Where Your Purpose Could Be
February 12, 2018
Overcoming Purpose Intimidation
February 14, 2018

One More Hint Where Your Purpose Could be


n the previous article, we discussed three hints that could lead you to discover where your purpose is located generally. We discussed that purpose is not necessarily so hidden from you that it has to take a preacher or a prophet to unwind it for you. That is not their primary function. That is why the world over, all of us have these subtle hints of purpose that hit on us on and off. If we can only learn to listen and discern, we can tell whether we are on track, or off track or whether we need to stop and take stock of our lives before we proceed.

Purpose in Motion

Thank God for such hints. The greatest reason why we get such hints is so as we can be in motion towards our purpose. You know, you will never discover your purpose while camped somewhere. [ictt-tweet-inline]For the most part, purpose is discovered while you are in motion, not while in waiting.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Perhaps you have heard the story of how Motorbikes came to be. Let me summarize it for you here.

  • Mr. Honda’s dream was to produce and sell piston rings to Toyota Corp in 1938 while still in school
  • He invested all he had including his wife’s jewelry into his workshop only to be told that his piston rings were not what Toyota wanted
  • He was forced into two years in school to design what was needed and endured being scolded by lecturers and fellow students of how weird and uncanny his “stuff” was.

Victory At Last?

  • He got the contract from Toyota after the two years, but that’s when Japan went to war and he could not get the concrete he needed from the government to set up a factory.
  • He invented a process for creating is own concrete and built the factory
  • The factory was bombed twice during the war destroying major portions of his manufacturing facility
  • Picked up gasoline cans that US fighters had discarded calling them “Gifts from President Truman” and used them to keep manufacturing. These raw materials were unavailable in Japan at that time
  • An earthquake then leveled his factory and Honda had to sell his piston operation to Toyota.

Massive Payoff Finally

  • After the war, there was a great gas shortage. Honda could not drive his car to get food for the family
  • He created a little motor and fixed it on his bicycle, making mobility easier for him
  • Neighbors asked for the same and before long, he had ran out of motors
  • He built a factory for motors. Not having capital, he appealed to 18,000 bicycle shop owners in Japan to help him for they had a ready market. 5,000 came on board.
  • Few bikes were sold because they were bulky.
  • He made few adjustments to the design and build a lighter, powerful and versatile motorbike.
  • He became an instant success “overnight” world-wide.

That Hint

How about that for motion? The man just wouldn’t stop moving forward. I mean, from piston rings to “motor bikes”, something that had never existed in the world before!! But as you can see, all these hints that Honda got were all “Negative Hints”. Credit to the man, he never wasted time eulogizing a bad hit, he kept moving on.

You see, it requires special kind of resilience to do that. At times we got so emotionally invested and attached to our phases in life. Life itself sends us hint after hint after hint, but we just won’t bulge. It is like we do not know any other option, and we cannot even fathom to think of something else apart from what we know.

Learning To Let Go

  • That’s why we stay put in a hurtful relationship
  • That’s why we stay put in a low paying job that is not helping us deploy our full potential
  • That’s why we put up with mistreatment from spouses, bosses and people in authority. We can’t just fathom the thought of “rebelling” against them.

If you keep getting these negative things in your life, chances are that where you are is not where you are supposed to be. You ought to be in motion. You cannot force it to happen. The trick is to know the balance between being resilient and being decisive to move on. If you are to move on, the earlier you move on the much better. If you stay put and you were supposed to move, later on life will hit you with a serious wake up call, and at that time, it mostly is nearly too late to do anything.

Areas of Hints

1. Disfavor

Purpose seldom grows where there is disfavor. When your favor has run out, it is a hint that you need to re-evaluate your position. You need tremendous amount of favor in order to deploy your purpose. It easily gets stifled when disfavor prevails. Even Jesus said that if you visit people and they do not welcome you, move on elsewhere.

2. Stifled Growth

When it comes to deploying your gifts and talents, you should not stay comfortable in a place where this is not happening. This is hint enough. Probably in the initial stages, that place was serving you just right. However, if today you feel like you have outgrown the place, it’s a hint to move on.

3. Unhappiness and Disillusionment

Did you know that you can be somewhere that provides all your basic needs but you are just plainly unhappy about it? As much as you are being helped financially, you cannot see fulfillment coming up. It’s a hint. It comes when you

4. Disinterest and Loss of Passion

When you lose your love and passion for what you are doing, may be you need some rest. But then, maybe you need a total overhaul of your life and a change. Loss of passion is the direct hint that probably you have outlived your welcome wherever you are. Do yourself and the people depending on you a favor and be in motion.

Over to you.