3 Hints on Where Your Purpose Could Be

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February 11, 2018
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February 13, 2018

3 Hints on Where Your Purpose Could Be


n life, either we are deep, smack in the middle of our purpose or we are on the path towards it or we are clueless about it. The common denominator is that we are at least in action to make a living. However, I have realized that even when we are in action (for example we are employed and are making a living), the spark of purpose always keeps flickering awaiting to be fanned aflame. And as it does, it will always give you hints here and there that make you want to reconsider what you are doing.


The Value of Discomfort

You see, it is very easy to get lost in activity and forget about your purpose. This is most especially true when what you are doing is enough to cover for your basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. That situation makes you comfortable and unthinking of purpose. But you see, the main reason why you and I are alive is not to survive (just being able to fend for ourselves). We were primarily created and sustained here so as we can fulfill a particular purpose which is to make someone’s life or world better than it is.

Therefore, when we get too comfortable with our lives, we start getting hints here and there telling us to consider our thoughts and consider our ways. There are two main places where these hints primarily come from:

  • From within: This is the most constant source of prodding that you get about your purpose. You cannot switch it off. It always reminds, convicts and grips your life every crucial turn. However, you can learn to dull it’s cutting edge by ignoring that quiet voice or shoving it aside every time it speaks
  • From without: These are the “megaphones” that life sends us when we have refused to listen to the inner voice. Some people call them misfortune, trouble, struggle, hustle, or setbacks. However it just could be an opportunity for us to stop all the traffic and consider where our lives are going, and make the necessary adjustments in order to serve our purpose.

It’s Closer than it is further

Your purpose could be closer to you than you think. People normally equate purpose to some noble calling, which is OK. However, they make a mistake to think that the revelation of that purpose ought to come from an outside Divine force, clearly telling them in a dramatic way what their purpose is. They want to have a burning bush experience like Moses did. They want a clear cut call like Jeremiah and Isaiah had. But they take for granted what’s inside their hearts and their dreams like is in the case of Joseph. They take for granted that still small voice of disquiet within them.

So we have people who have been waiting all their life for a dramatic experience and revelation of their purpose, while all along purpose has been speaking. The revelation of your purpose is mostly from within, and not from without. Dr. Myles Munroe says it best:

“God hid your purpose in the place where he knows you cannot miss it—within you”

Granted, God has not stopped doing the dramatic in calling people. However, for the multitudes, it never is the dramatic. The most common way we get to know and reconnect with our purpose is from within.

The following are some hints that tell you the general area where your purpose could be located.

1. Concern

Have you ever noticed why some things don’t bother you and others deeply do? Have you ever noticed how worked up you get when some things do not get done and you are unconcerned when others are in the same state? That already is a hint. In the Bible, Israel goes to exile and stays there for decades. All that time, there is only one recorded instant when someone in exile was concerned about the situation of his hometown—Jerusalem.

Now concern is shown in the following ways:

  • A continuous disquiet: Something is always on your mind, like someone hanged it on your psyche and it just won’t go. There is a reason why you are feeling that way. Chances are that this is a hint for you to consider doing something about out.
  • Enquiry: When you are concerned about something or someone, what do you do? You ask as many questions as possible about them. This is because you are half hoping that they or the situation is OK. However, you are also asking because you want to gather as much information as possible so as to take remedial action.
  • Sadness: For as long as a situation exists that is not right, you feel the pain. The care inside of you rises up. For example, I think one of the things that is strong within me is compassion. I hate to see when helpless people are exploited. I hate it so much at times it brings tears in my eyes. That is a major hint for me.

Therefore, to know where your general purpose could be, check out to see what bothers you continuously. Check out to see the quality of your enquiry over something or someone. Check out also to see what brings you sadness. Chances are that that is where your purpose is located.

2. Helplessness

This is a very interesting hint. But let me explain. The helplessness I am talking about is a great feeling of overwhelm over something that you wanted done but you do not have the strength, resources, knowledge and the wherewithal to make it done. The simple question here is this: Why would you be feeling overwhelmed in the first place? Isn’t it that you care enough about that situation? [ictt-tweet-inline]You see, purpose is never a function of physical resources. It always will be a function of values, and passion. [/ictt-tweet-inline][ictt-tweet-inline]Resources follow passion and values, not the other way round.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Now, people easily dump things that make them helpless thinking that if they cannot pull it off, then probably it is not within their field of purpose. This is wrong. [ictt-tweet-inline]True purpose sometimes gives you an overwhelm, and that is a hint that it came from above. [/ictt-tweet-inline]Purpose is not manufactured by you. It is not decided by you. It rather is discovered by you. And when you do, it is an opportunity to partner with the Divine to make it come to pass. [ictt-tweet-inline]People think that the primary reason why we need the Divine is so as to escape hell fire and go to heaven. Wrong. We need God so as we can deploy His purpose in us.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

3. Action

The things that you have taken any form of action on outside of putting food on the table and clothes on your back give a hint of where your purpose could be. Why is it that I am writing about purpose, productivity, and resilience more than I am writing about prayer, deliverance and market trends? The answer is simple. My field of purpose easily is shown from the things that I have taken action on.


I never knew what Life Coaching was seven years ago. In fact, I never attended any Life Coaching School, but here I am, staking the rest of my life in that profession. Against very many odds such as lack of information, lack of resources, lack of market and so on, I have trudged along and boldly taken action towards that field. The only thing that has been constant has been passion and values. I am passionate about empowering people (mostly individuals) so as they can deploy their full potential. My values are things such as urgency, excellence, compassion and purpose. Armed only with my values and my passion, the things that I never had 7 years ago are now a reality. There are many Coaching Schools out there. There are resources coming in and most certainly, there is an ever increasing market for it.

So take a careful look at the things that you are currently executing armed only with passion and values…chances are that your purpose could be right there!