January 3, 2011
Where is Your Silva Compass?
January 5, 2011


Success. Do you know that word? Does your life epitomize success? Do you know how to be successful? Did you know that you are INTENDED for success? At Life Signatures, we believe and know that success is the calling of every human being ever conceived and brought on earth. The most important ingredient in the quest and maintenance of success is living a life filled with purpose!

In fact the Concept of Life Signatures is simply the concept of ‘having fun as you succeed’. The most successful people in life are those who are extremely passionate about what they are doing…they could even do it for free. In one of his blogs, John C. Maxwell says it best:

Over the years as I have watched and listened to successful people, I have discovered a common thread: They know why they’re here. Knowing their purpose in life gives them stability. And when others around them start abandoning their causes and jumping ship when life gets tough, these people use this assurance to steady the boat, to ride out the storm because they have a true North Star. It becomes an anchor in their life—a confidence based upon knowledge of purpose. Someone once said there are two great days in life—the day you are born and the day you discover why.

Wow! The day you discover WHY you are here on earth is the day your life will take a serious paradigm shift. A shift for significance, a shift for purpose. A shift for legacy. The paradox of Life Signatures is that you do not pursue to leave a legacy…you live out your purpose passionately here on earth…leaving a legacy behind is an effortless result that you do not need to oversee.

So it is with success. You do not pursue success to be successful, you become successful as you live your Life Signature.

Successful people are those who are ‘loving what they are doing, and they are doing what they love’. Finding your Life Purpose on earth is in the initial stages of creating your Life Signature. If I could paraphrase Steven R. Covey, “Leadership is making sure that the ladder is leaning on the right wall”. It is a beautiful thing to watch someone who is consumed with passion in what they do…it could be raising pigs, flying jets, raising a family like my Mum, or whatever. The bottom line is you are doing what you love, and you love what you are doing.

Gracing today’s page is a photo of yours truly and Mama. She is a primary school teacher, but has raised four men against all odds, almost single handedly, through High School, two through University, and two through College. In fact, the last born crossed the border from Kenya to Uganda to pursue Senior Five and Six Education. Years back, I wrote Mama and told her “Your mission on earth I believe, is not to teach kids, but to raise four men”.

When we were raising funds for the kidney transplant of our third born, Mama alone raised more than 50%. Passion, Love, Purpose.

You realize that when life is on Purpose, it makes no difference what the odds would be against you, you are always assured of success!

Have you found your purpose? Do you know what mission you are called to fulfil on earth? Is your ladder leaning on the right wall? Are you desperate and hungry to know “Why on earth Am I here?”. Pursuit for purpose has been the longest I have ever embarked on…and am glad that I can now help millions of others shorten that seeking time through Life Signatures.

As the new year rolls away in earnest, think on these things, as David the Psalmist put it “Selah”