December 28, 2010
January 4, 2011



ou must do your work and leave a mark behind that says: Lawrence was here”. I caught myself telling my Coachees more than five times. In fact, this school of thought increased exponentially to the degree that I proclaimed to my Coachees “I am gonna build a website, and I would call it “” .That was sometime back in 2009.


The one distinguishing aspect every time I spoke on this concept was the passion with which I communicated. I remember after a job well done in the close of 2009, I declared to my team…”there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you did it, it will be said of you that you were here in 2009”. That statement is most true today. The team I led in 2009 to champion for the very first time since creation, in the land of Uganda, the concept of Mobile Money Transfer rose to the occasion and delivered. When this happened, I got very interested in the aspect of Performance, going all out and leaving a mark. That mark is nothing but a legacy.

In the Subconscious

Behind the scenes (read in the subconscious mind), something was cooking. Dr. Robert Anthony calls it “The Law of Critical Mass”. This Law states that: What you focus your heart on becomes increasingly important and it expands. What you focus your heart energy on will expand. The more you focus on your heart’s desire the more you build towards the level of Critical Mass.

Life Signatures is definitely a HEART issue. This concept of High Performance and Legacy was and still is to a larger degree my main key note for motivation and inspiration. I have since focused on these concepts as the Law of Critical Mass builds up to something grander than I have thought, all starting with an Idea. This is what I call Branching (But we will come back to it at a later date).

What is Life Signatures?

The Words Passion, Purpose, Energy, Fulfillment, and Legacy are all associated with Life Signatures.

A Life Signature is a life lived on Purpose, fueled by Passionate Heart’s Desire, plugging into our Core Dreams, generating massive Fulfillment, the end result being OTHERS™ lives being positively impacted, thereby Leaving A Legacy.

I am thoroughly convinced that each conception in the womb since Adam has a Life Signature. Why? Everyone has a dream. Everyone was created to fulfill a Mission here on earth. The highest form of fulfillment is making a positive change to the world. The only simple (not easy) was of doing this is through Life Signatures.

Of course the substitute to leaving a legacy is working hard using will-power. With this kind of concept, the odds are against many people. Hard work on something less than a Life Signature will never leave a legacy. Take a small census of people who left or are leaving (living) a legacy on earth: Nelson Mandela, John C. Maxwell, Abraham Lincoln, Moses, Jesus Christ…can you see the concept of Life Signatures in them?

One Life Signature in the name of Zig Ziglar says “No monument has ever been erected for a critic”. In fact, one of his most popular dictums is “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough OTHER people to get what they want in life”. Enough said.

Given the statements above, the only thing left to reckon with is the HOW. How do we obtain and operate with Life Signatures? The answer to this question is this Blog. I am sure with the Law of Critical Mass, as well as Branching, Life Signatures will ‘Inspire Hope and Enrich lives Worldwide’. Here at Life Signatures, we treasure above all else the well being of others by getting involved in their lives through giving of self, material, example, motivation and inspiration.