Change and Vision
December 24, 2010
January 3, 2011


I love the ‘Personal Development’ Industry. The Word Personal eliminates all obstacles from attainment of ideas, concepts and dreams. It tells me that If I got to make it, then I will take personal responsibility to make it…regardless what has happened, or what others are saying.

Something small that has been crossing my mind…but before you can read it, let me summarize the gist of this post: First, Any Idea that crosses a human being’s mind, however wild it may be, that Idea can be realized through time.
Second,the only constant thing in life is change…and change must be embraced constantly.

I remember joining my Pastor early morning for prayers sometime back in 1999. One of our key areas of focus was communication between Cell Leaders and members…we were praying that the leaders would have cell phones…I remember even the pastor ‘demonstrating’ how it would work (his hand on his ear dramatizing a conversation on a mobile phone)…at that time, there was only one mobile phone in Kenya, owned by a prominent cabinet minister…costing a fortune…few years later on, I had my own phone…the very first one I bought…with use, I started craving for a handset that would help me accommodate the two fighting MNO’s in Kenya, and thus bridge the gap and reach to my friends from both sides of the divide…Now, if you would have asked anybody if a common individual would own a twin-sim cell phone in 1999…you would not get that affirmative answer, not even from the communication experts at that time.
Today, I saw a poster on the streets advertising a cell phone with the capacity to handle four (4) MNO’s…that is four simcards in one phone. The target market…well, all and sundry. Two powerful thoughts here…what our minds conceive is achievable, and change is constant! As I type, Microsoft is telling me that Simcard is a typo…either I or Microsoft have not changed…
Before 1997, just few years back there was no company called ‘Safaricom’ in Kenya…today, its the leading tax paying organization accordig to the Kenya Revenue Authority…so what happend? Change happened, Concepts that were idealized materialized…and as they materialize many branches are coming out of the original idea. For example, yesterday I was able to send cash to my mum through the Mobile phone…revolutionary isnt it? Ask me if that was possible in 1999…I would think you are suffering from the effects of smoking fish, bhang…or whatever. But here it is!
My admonition is for us to dream, dream and dream some more. A dream that is bigger than myself…Accept change, Dream some more!


  1. Hi Ngina…need to read yours too…kindly direct me there.Baraka.

  2. ohhh my this is awesome Lawrence, so inspiring.

  3. Thanks Wanjiru…stay tuned…am sure you will be blessed by Life Signatures.

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