Leveraging on the Power of Your ‘Inner Compass’ in Purpose Pursuit

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Leveraging on the Power of Your ‘Inner Compass’ in Purpose Pursuit


ave you ever seen a baby learn to walk? Of course, you have. Have you ever seen a parent training a child to learn how to walk? Think about that. How about talking? Do you even know what goes on when the child is learning how to talk? Well, we are absolutely oblivious that every gibberish they are uttering is in a bid to learn. This phenomenon is absolutely critical to purpose pursuit.


You see, all of us have this natural inner disposition to “reach” out in order to learn. We come into this earth as seeds. We have something powerful in us or with us called “Potential”. In addition to the potential which is untapped or unused capacity, we also have this natural ability to learn on our own. We have this natural hunger to learn and grow. In other words, we do not need to learn to learn. We only need to develop that capacity. This is why [ictt-tweet-inline]it doesn’t matter the level of someone’s IQ. When it comes to purpose, everyone is a genius![/ictt-tweet-inline]

Inner Compass

They say that a child is born tabula rasa. This means that they have a blank slate that you can paint anything you want on. Well, I beg to differ. A child is born impressionable, but never blank. A child comes to this world I believe with an already developed inner compass that is governed by their inherent passion. I saw it on my son one day. My wife was punishing our daughter who was about three years old at that time. His brother at 5 years of age started grieving and saying “leave her alone” ever so helplessly that it broke my heart. He inherently has compassion in him. He did not come with a blank slate as far as that is concerned.

Purpose is Inherent

In the same way, our call in life is also inherent. We came with it. We have it already. I can confidently say this because there is no possible reason for the existence of mankind other than for a particular meaning. You and I did not come into this world just to be “there”. We came here as a solution waiting to happen. We came here not just to solve problems, but we also came here to create and make things. That inner navigation is always inside of us. Is it any wonder that children have the highest form of curiosity as compared to adults? That curiosity is a part of the inner compass trying to find an outlet of expression.

How This Inner Compass is Disrupted

Unfortunately, we have learnt over the years to pass on information to our children when totally oblivious of the inner compass within them that is meant to order their steps in life. Training starts interrupting the inner compass by sharing what is known, what is experienced and what is proven. There are very few learning systems worldwide that pay attention to the inner compass of the individual. For the most part, the learning systems assume that you and I know nothing; that we are empty and we need to be given direction. So we focus on giving direction from the outside-in, while all along purpose operates from the inside-out. I dare say that any kind of formal education that negates the inner compass of purpose is now antiquated and should be revised.

How To Leverage The Inner Compass

If ever you will regain the direction in life that comes from your purpose, you will not do so outside of the information that exists within your inner compass. Therefore,  in order to reconnect with your purpose here on earth, it is imperative that you need to go back to the inner compass for direction and for information. The following things could help.

1. Understand the Inner compass

If you have read all along, you should by now recognize the fact that the inner compass is something that you came here with, already fully formed. All it needed was for you to depend on it as you navigate through life in order to buttress and grow it. The people who did exploits in the annals of history are mostly those who responded to the calls of the inner compass. They listened inwards. They dared to listen to the inner compass. Indeed, some like Galileo were ostracised for doing exactly that. Today, the ostracization is done by ourselves. We do not need to wait for some outside force to discourage us. We look around the world and see that what we want does not fit and so instead of rejecting the world standards, we reject the inner compass. Let’s rectify that. Start believing.

2. Respect the Inner Compass

If we just have a mental assent of our inner compass of purpose, we might not have any change in our lives. However, if we just had half of the respect we give to the existing education systems around the world channeled towards our inner compasses, we will be astounded by what we shall see. To respect the inner compass of purpose is to come to the level of belief that it is the best shot we have for our success. Anything short of that will not work. The thing is that the older you grow, the more you realize that you should have paid attention to your inner compass the more!

3. Unlearn the culture

We must unlearn our culture. The culture that elevates academics over function and meaning no longer helps. By all intents and purposes, literacy has its place, but it is not the measure of how successful you can be. We have to learn about a new culture. This new culture tells us that we are on a mission. It tells us that we are with a mission. It tells us that we are solution providers. It tells us that we are created to create, to make things happen. We need to unlearn the culture that says that we came here to pass exams so that we can get good jobs. Those no longer exist. Over 40% of new jobs in America in 2020 will be in the “Gig Economy”.

4. Start Listening/Remembering

For the most part, the inner compass of your purpose will not necessarily give you something new. For the most part, the inner compass will remind you of what has always been on your heart. Why do you think this is so sharply in focus with people who are either approaching their end of days or those who have just experienced a near death experience? In fact, those people who have had a near-death experience will come back and start working with a focus on something that they already knew about. They never get a new revelation. What I am saying is that your inner compass has already communicated. If you did not listen, it is time to do so. If you listened and ignored, it is time to remember.

5. Align Your Actions to the Inner Compass

Every waking day, you and I need to ask ourselves this question: What will I do today that will move me closer to my purpose? What will I do today that will espouse what my purpose dictates? How proactive can we be with our purpose? I have learned that the more we are intentional about purpose, the more the inner compass is sharpened to direct us nonchalantly. We will look back later on and realize just how authentic we have been with our lives. So we have to be as deliberate as possible

Let’s start tuning into the inner compass of our purpose. As we listen we shall hear. As we hear, let’s act!