How To Get A Job In An Instant!

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April 20, 2013
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May 8, 2013

How To Get A Job In An Instant!

“Anybody can have a job in an instant by engaging their mind” ~ Life Signatures

“If laughter is an instant vacation, then serious thinking is an instant employment”!

~ Life Signatures

The popular saying is that ‘an Idle mind is the devil’s workshop’…well let me ask this: Whose workshop is a wondering mind? That is a question worth answering. It is said that only 2% of people do actually think…and thinking does not mean jumping from one thing to another…but I digress…

When a mind is wondering, it is because there is not enough pressure at present to focus it onto one thing! A wondering mind is either a product of indiscipline, mediocrity or better yet…a Master!

A wondering mind is also reflective of lack of discipline in meditation and focus.

“The biggest job vacancy world wide to be filled by more than 90% of humanity is for Self Executive Officers”

~ Life Signatures

One of the components of being a happy achiever comes from the ability to force oneself to be single-minded in terms of focusing one one thing and achieving it before moving to the next. The Bible says that a “double minded man is unstable in all his ways” I could not have said it better. Isn’t it amazing that stability is directly linked with a ‘concentrated’ mind?

Many job hunters and seekers deprive themselves of this awesome opportunity to be employed before they are employed. I can tell you that there is so much to do in one single day for a jobless person that they might even need more hours! I kid you not. Here is how to get a job in an instant: Stop all the traffic and FOCUS your mind and start thinking. Thinking about what? About your life. Where you have been. Where you are. Where you are going. Your Legacy. Your Vision. Your Life Purpose. Your Goals. Your Values. This kind of ‘concentrated thinking’ is an instant job, and in my take, it is much more valuable than a job for a monthly pay check. I kid you not again! To not do this is likened to ‘hiding talents’…and as Mike Murdock puts it, there is a curse in that. SELAH…

The only pressure at the moment is how they can put food on the table and pay for their housing and clothes.

Courtesy Ideaspot

A mind at pressure is such a blessing…although we all hate pressure and love comfort.
You know you are under pressure when:

  • There is need yet there also lack,
  • Your reputation is at stake,
  • You are working on something you never have before,
  • You are just about to lose something or someone you cherish,
  • A line has been drawn, the stakes have been raised and your happiness depends on rising up and beating the deadlines…and so on

No doubt that a mind pressured will never be the same…and the life under pressure is a life under growth.

That being said, we should also note that the recipe of mediocrity is a helter-skelter topsy-turvy mind.
In order to move to the next level, there must be pressure applied to one’s life, and by extension, to ones mind either:

  • By Force: Most popular with mediocre people who wait for the forces of life and nature to force them into action.
  • By Choice: The mainstay of Master Stellar Visionaries who force themselves to be under personal pressure to attain something on a daily basis through cultivated discipline over time.

Applied pressure forces the mind to focus. Focus leads to growth which in turn leads to maturity of which continued results in Mastery.

At Mastery levels, the mind can now be at liberty to wonder around while a Genius task is being done…a task that was cumbersome and awkward at first. For instance, while you have mastered driving a manual transmission vehicle, you can do a thousand other things while driving. This was not possible while training for the same.

Amazingly a wondering mind is either the product of a Master or the mainstay of a mediocrity.

Are you jobless? Retrenched? Fired? There is a job to do right this hour…you want to believe me on this one. I have been there, done that, I have the T-Shirt and this article to show of it!

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