6 Things to Do When Given a Second Chance

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April 13, 2013
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April 29, 2013

6 Things to Do When Given a Second Chance

Q: “Knock, knock!!”

A: “Who is there?”

Q: “Opportunity

A: “Go away, opportunity never knocks twice!”


You have probably heard this vibe…that we are only given one chance. I beg to differ by more than 1000 miles. If that vibe were true, we would have lives like houseflies.

  • We would live just one day and never be given another…
  • We would never suffer broken hearts…
  • We would never overcome…broken hearts, failure, rejection, fear
  • We would never grow better…
  • We would not be human…
  • We would not have self-healing mechanisms in our bodies

Like the sun that rises every day, opportunities of second chances are accorded to us in droves anew.  A rigid life is lived when we occupy the bulk of our moments doing two things:

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  1. Wishing and praying hard that we do not make a mistake;
  2. Regretting that we indeed made mistakes and wished we never made them.

Every few weeks, there is a new Coca-Cola advertisement in every part of the world. Why? One reason: Even if you were perfect yesterday, you are still human…you could be better today!

The following are seven things to do when given a second chance:

1. Focus on What Matters:

Sounds obvious, yet if 87% of people world-wide would focus on what matters now…the world would see mighty revolutions. This right now is all you have. Live there. Make it matter.

2.Add difference:

Doing the same thing over and over again each time expecting the same results is nothing but madness…so said one prominent man. The fact is you can do the same thing over and over again but each time with a new twist…with a little extra innovation…a little extra creativity. Each day is a chance for that.

3. Add Excellence:

A great visionary will always strive for excellence. They would spend for excellence. They would move from the ordinary to the extra ordinary on a consistent basis. That is why Life Signatures will at some point in time soon have a new professionally designed website. I have a second chance every day, every week, every month over here at Life Signatures.

3. Add Influence:

The great cats of the Savanna hunt down their prey mostly by isolating. You cannot afford to be left alone…no mentors and no followers. Seek the advice of the who is who in your field…and this time round, seek to either implement what they tell you or model their way of doing things. You cannot afford to be stupid twice.

4. Leverage new Technology:

Can you believe that there are people who still use snail mail? In this day and age! Technology has become cheaper and versatile at the same time. In any way possible, make sure you leverage on the power of technology.

5. Unlearn the ‘groans’:

And here is the beauty of failure. You have feedback! You know what your audience hates. That is good. The worst would be you not knowing what they hated…so you would not do anything about it. Now that you know…would you please change?

6. Learn the ‘wows’:

Two ways here: First you can deliberately strive to innovate to wow your audience…chances are that you might succeed. The second however is better: Ask you audience about their dreams and fantasies…and you have more than 100% chance to succeed

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