Getting The Best Out of Life’s Connections – Part 5

Getting The Best out of Life’s Connections – Part 4
September 14, 2018
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September 18, 2018

Getting The Best Out of Life’s Connections – Part 5


an is a social animal. Over the years, we have perfected the art of making connections. In the recent past, these connections have been in danger with the advent of information and telecommunication technology. We have seen people tend to seclude themselves and play with their gadgets, being distracted the whole day. Still, that does not do away with the need for us to make connections. If anything, the technology ought to be an enabler, and not a replacement of connections. Think of it this way; When you are in the presence of someone, let’s say your wife, child, workmate or friend, are you connecting with them or are you distracted by your gadget? I am speaking to myself too.

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Small Recap

We have already discussed the importance of connections in the previous posts. No man is an island. We all need each other. The thing to focus on though is the quality of the connections that we are making. We have seen that it is important for us to be people of quality first, before we can expect to get connected to other people of quality. Deep calls to deep. You earn respect and thereby worthwhile connections because you have made yourself someone worthy of such connections. Therefore, the bulk of the previous posts focused on you as an individual. What are you bringing to the table of connections? You see, the secret to connections is not what you are trying to get out of them, but rather what value you are bringing to them.

Getting Deliberate

At some point in time, we have to get deliberate over the connections that we choose to have. The beauty about connections is that you can have what kind of connection you desire to have. Now, we ought to be careful here. I have seen people clamoring for the attention of a though leader or a mentor. When they get it even for a split second, they waste it because they have not amicably prepared themselves for it. In order for us to get great connections, we ought to have prepared ourselves for it in the first place. After being people worth of offering value to a connection, the next big thing that we need to do is to seek those connections. The question is: where do we find those connections?

A Great Read on The Subject

In his book, Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazi goes deeper into the subject matter offering invaluable nuggets about connections. If you are interested in having the most out of your connections, I would ask you to go and get that book. Believe, me I am not offering sales services for Keith. He doesn’t even know I exist, but he has penned a masterpiece of incredible value on the subject matter. You would do great to get yourself a copy.

Where To Find Invaluable Connections

There are several places where you can find great connections that you can offer value to and in turn you get even more value. The fact that you are passionate about some things will automatically set you apart, and that will dictate to a large extent what kind of connections you can have. The key thing about the connections I have been singing about is your difference. What differentiates you from the rest of the people in the world? You will notice that there are some people with the “same difference”, or rather, with the same interests as yourself. This is how and where you can get some.

1. Through Social Gatherings

If you have already gone through our article on “The Self” and “Your Elevator Pitch”, you will find that these social gatherings will be a joy for you. People tend to size each other up when they meet, as someone said, in order to know how much respect they should apportion to you. It’s a fact of life even with the purest of the pure in religion. Social gatherings are a guise for the large part to the event that is taking place. At the periphery of a wedding for example, other people have hooked up and made great business deals. The key will be in knowing what you are offering, and your elevator pitch. Just one small caveat. Do not expect to nail a connection at the first go.

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2. Random Meetups and Conferences

Anytime I see on my social media pages someone advertising a meetup that I am interested in, I try as much as possible to attend. You can now see why it is important to know who you are and what value you are bringing. Meetups are always niche specific. When I saw someone talking about my favorite topic of “Purpose” few months back, I attend. In turn, I ended up being a guest speaker at a series in the same function. I could not have given a better example.

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3. Masterminds

These are highly focused connections with a specific high end goal. People come together specifically to rally around one goal. Immediately after that goal is attained, the group can either disband, be held loosely or move on to another compelling goal. What a thoroughly beautiful idea. You get invaluable connections out of these masterminds.

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4. Club Memberships

I cannot being to tell you how invaluable club memberships are to offering you great connections. First of all, Jesus Christ said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. This is what he meant. When you put your resources into something, your heart follows that resource there. What does that mean? You see, Club Memberships are always paid up memberships. This means that the people who are part of those clubs are serious, professional and worth of value. They are looking for value too. Their trust levels are so high within the group or the club. You ought to be part of at least one Club Membership.

The following are examples:

  1. Rotary Clubs: Formed ostensibly as a way of contributing to society. Rotarians are known for their social responsibilities and impact that they do in society. If you wanted to connect to a business leader for example, chances are that you will easily locate them at a Rotary Club. If you become part of that club, well it is easy to have a chat with them, rather than seek an appointment with them at their offices.
  2. Sports Clubs: Apart from offering competitions for certain sports disciplines such as Chess, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Golf and so on, sports clubs provide an avenue where you can meet people who are focused. People who have acquired membership in sports clubs are not lazy. Chances are that they are one of the top high performers in your country. It would be good to connect with such.
  3. Business Clubs: I know of such a one. It is an international business club where people share referrals. It works in such a way that you join with a specific niche. All club members having known you actively go out and look for ways of “giving you business”…and you do the same.
  4. ToastMasters: This is a leadership club where members specifically learn to develop their leadership skills as well as their public speaking skills. It is awesome, and I am glad to be part of this.

What I am saying in short is that there are very many avenues that you can use to become a member of a club in order to offer your value and accrue great connections. Let’s be deliberate about it.