Creation—the One Way Work is Exemplified Across The Globe

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September 23, 2019
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October 2, 2019

Creation—the One Way Work is Exemplified Across The Globe


me posit here: That there are only five major ways in which work is exemplified across the earth. In previous articles, we have seen several different aspects of work.

We have already seen that work is the ultimate reason for the existence of mankind and it is the ultimate source for fulfilment.

We looked are different reasons why man does not work as he is supposed to even while “at work”. Going forward though, I want to venture into interesting territory.

Something New

My idea is to explore the theory that work in general across the globe is exemplified in only five major areas. In today’s article, we discuss the first of the five—creation.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to create is to bring something into existence, to invest with a new form, to produce or to bring about a course of action or behaviour, to cause, to produce through imaginative skill.

I know that is a mouthful. However, you can almost see one thread spread across all the definitions of the word create: something new.

Work is Creating Something

There is a scripture that says something to the effect that we are ‘co-creators’ with God. In other words, one of the main reasons for our existence on the face of the earth is to create things. That’s our main work.

It is interesting to note that across the globe, people with different backgrounds, talents, skillsets and even passions all at some point in time exemplify their work by creation of something.

There are different facets of creation when it comes to work

  • Invention

Obviously, when you invent something, it will have to be a new thing. Since time began, one of the greatest sources of work has been inventions. For example, someone invented Mobile phones.

With just that one invention, millions of people worldwide have found avenues to work either directly or indirectly.

We Can All Invent Something

Virtually everything you see around you today was invented by someone. It was created from scratch. When we talk about inventions though, some people tend to think that it is a reserve of just a few geniuses in the world.

Nothing can be further from the truth. If you are looking for work, then invention is one of the avenues through which you can find it. Someone might be asking: How and what can I invent?

I tend to think that inventions are both done deliberately or accidentally. They are also done through responding to passion inside your heart or responding to problems around your life or in the world.

In other words, for as long as you are engaging yourself either in thought or in work, chances are that you might be able to invent something.

With those kinds of parameters, you can see that it is easy to say that virtually anyone can invent something. But do we?

  • Innovation

Through innovation, millions of people find work. The beauty with innovation is that unlike invention, you might not need to bring on earth anything that is not existing.

For example, the mobile phone had to be invented. However, hundreds of thousands of apps that we use on smartphones are examples of innovation.

Millions of people find work through these apps. If anything, the smartphone itself is an innovation from an existing invention of the telephone.

If an invention is a bit difficult for people, you will find that innovation is a little bit easier. With innovation, you will need to use whatever is existing at times, to create something totally new.

With innovation, you might be able to improve on some existing work and make it better.

  • Research and Discovery

Work has a very major facet in trying to solve a problem. When a problem is known beforehand and the solution is not immediately apparent, research and experimentation are methods we use to try and find a solution.

In the end, the solution that we bring about would be work that has been created. Think of cures for different ailments. Think of technological advancements. Think of military equipment. Think of agricultural inventions.

Research and discovery is a perfect way to create things. It is one of the most plausible ways to work.

Perhaps one of the most common ways that work is exemplified in as many disciplines of life as possible is through creation. Further, creation at the individual level is supported by the following means:

What one needs to find out at individual level is how they can work through creation. Can you create something from scratch? What would it be? Can you create something through innovation? What would it be?

Can you create something from your gifts and talents? What would it be? Can you create something from a passion you have against something or for something? What would it be?

That’s where the rubber meets the road. You can see that all of us have the opportunity to work by creating something. The facet of creation is perhaps the biggest category of work all over the world. Very many people can work if they choose to create something.

We shall continue with these thoughts in the next article.

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