Growth and Development-A Powerful Facet of Work

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October 1, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Growth and Development-A Powerful Facet of Work


have been fascinated in the recent past with the topic of work. I believe that work is a blessing, a gift to mankind. Contrary to some beliefs that work is a curse, it is actually one of our greatest needs.

I am not talking about us being needy and having to work to get paid. That is just the basic. I am asking you to dream with me for a minute. Assume that all is available…

  • Money to pay bills
  • Housing
  • Medication
  • Sustenance…

Would You Still Work?

If all that and more is available to you today, would you still need to work?

That’s a very important question that needs reflection before you can answer it. The answer, I pray, should be an emphatic YES! Why? Because that is how things were meant to be in the first place.

Work, therefore, was a conduit through which we as a human race would grow, develop, be engaged, bring things forth, make things happen and basically matter here on earth.

What You Love and What You Have to

If you removed work from the human, you have already killed the definition of who a human being is. You have obliterated the meaning of who a human being is.

So we all ought to look forward to working with so much enthusiasm. Our outlook of work ought to be changed from negative to positive, from something that we must do to something that we have to do because we love it.

Granted, there will be different strokes of work. There would be work that we do not like and then there would be work that we are absolutely lost in it. I have been learning that the former, for the most part, is a precursor to the later.

The latter, work that we do not like, can easily be overcome if we have an attitude of stewardship. I have discussed that at length elsewhere on this blog.

Facets of Work

I started in the previous episode to delve deeply into a theory about work. In this theory, I posit that there are only five major elements of work. In other words, work can be exemplified only in five major ways.

In the previous episode, we learnt that work is primarily shown through creation. Making things, discovering things, inventing and innovating. All over the world, different facets of work have been made available to people solely through creation of things.

We saw that all of us have the potential to create either through responding to a need or following a passion that is deep within us.

Making things Grow and Increase

Today, we shall look at the second facet of work. It is simply things: Growing and Increasing things.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to increase is to become progressively greater (as in size, amount, number, or intensity).

One word that can give us a picture of the word increase is this: More. Work is exemplified pretty much when we are engaged daily in propagating whatever is already existing to make it more.


Notice also that the definition of increase means that there is the aspect of making something greater in intensity.

A good example is the computer. There is a photo going around in social media circles depicting a 5 megabyte disk being loaded by over 12 people into a truck! Can you believe that?

We are Always Growing things

Today though, we have handheld devices, even tiny chips that have capacities ranging from gigabytes to terabytes. What happened? We increased.

Every single day, billions of people are engaged at work ostensibly to grow and increase whatever is already existing. Perhaps this is as exciting a facet of work as it is in creating.

It is in growing that the created exemplify something of wonder and glory of its creation. If not all of us can create, at least more of us can grow or cause the increase of something that we are engaged in.

If you wanted to be a relevant human being on the face of the earth, I posit that you had better be engaged in work that is directly resulting into growth or increase.

Where do You fit in?

If you are out there and you are calling yourself jobless, it is time to start looking at work from a totally new angle. What can you create? There are hundreds of thousands of jobs (read work) in that facet only.

If you cannot create something, what can you make increase or grow? Again work can be found by the droves through this facet alone. What we need to do is to change our thinking. We need to start looking at possibilities to add value when we work.

So the question would be: What work can I get involved in that will result in an increase in something? What am I armed with, what gifts, talents and abilities do I have that can be put to work in order to increase something?

What can you increase?

  • Do we need an increase in inspiration?
  • Do we need an increase in safety?
  • Do we need an increase in housing?
  • Do we need an increase in communication?
  • Do we need an increase in food?

Virtually everywhere there is an opportunity to increase, there is work. What we need to ask ourselves is this: What’s our part to play in that work? I find that every time there is an increase, there is profit.

About Profit

Profit is what comes out of an increase through work. It is not a result of the growth of money, but the result of increase of value.

The most interesting thing with value is that we can add it to ourselves. In other words, we can increase our capacity so that we can be able to work and increase things.

The more I increase myself in value, the more I become valuable in the facet of work that involves growing and increasing things. Therefore, I should say that the very first person to grow and to increase is the human himself.

Profit is what comes out of an increase through work. It is not a result of the growth of money, but the result of the increase in value. Click To Tweet

Adding Growth To Ourselves

I dare say that your personal growth is work in and of itself. The payment or the salary that you get out of it is not necessarily directly monetary. Your personal growth enables you to have the capacity to make things, through work, to grow and multiply, thereby giving you the more than commensurate profit in life, that is not just monetary.

So far, we have looked at creating an also at increasing. I want to ask you a question: Of these two, where is your work found? What can you do to create something, anything? What is there that is in existence that you can grow, one way or another and multiply it?

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