8 Reasons Why God’s Personal Brand Sucks

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April 9, 2017
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8 Reasons Why God’s Personal Brand Sucks

There is a difference between a Personal Brand and Influence. A Personal Brand, although controlled by you is subject to interpretation by other people especially to the degree they perceive your impact on others.

Of course it is folly to compare God’s brand to our levels and our terms…but I think it is a subject worth exploring, a subject that promises great lessons and intrigue.

God’s Resume

Courtesy Wikipedia

Forget about the intricate systems that God designed in the human body. Let’s talk about things that are not in our domain. Let’s talk about space. Consider our own galaxy that we are part of, the Milky Way. It is estimated to have more than 100-400 Billion “Stars”. Now, there are other BILLION GALAXIES in space! A closer look at our own “Solar System” would help a bit. Each object in the solar system revolves around an orbit. Let’s just focus on the moon and the earth and the sun.

The moon revolves around the earth for 29 days. It also revolves on its own for the same number of days, and that is why we only see one of its faces. The earth revolves around the sun in 365 days or so, oblivious of what the moon is up to!! This, ladies and gentlemen can never be chance…this is God’s very own Masterpiece!

Who is the greatest?

A few years back, I came across a list created by Time Magazine dubbed: “The 100 Most Significant Figures in History” You will be excited to note that Jesus Christ came out first in that list. Not that He is that insecure and needs man’s approval. God is on his own level just by himself. Yet God cares so much about his reputation. Over and over again in the Bible, this phrase, “For the sake of my name” is repeated. No doubt God’s influence on earth is unrivaled.

A Personal Brand is of course made up of two things:

  • What you promised that you are or would do
  • What you actually did

These two reasons are what cause many a people to be disillusioned about God’s Personal Brand. “If He promised that He would do this…and it is written right here, how come it has not been done? How come my condition still pervades?” How come this and that still happens in the world? How come there are so many atrocities meted out on the helpless, the unborn, the women and children? Where is God in all this?

God’s Personal Brand In Individuals

God’s Personal Brand has suffered greatly especially in the lives of individuals. This means that setting aside his genius in creation as attempted to explain above, when it comes to the manifestation of God’s Personal Brand in individual lives, there is so little to talk about. If there was, the advent of testimonies that the Christian folk have been treated to for years would be the key selling point of God’s Personal Brand, for they would show the second part of a personal brand, fulfilling the promises. When is the last time you heard on a consistent basis true testimonies of promises made by God being fulfilled at individual levels?

“The Statement, ‘God is in control’ has created more Atheists than it has comforted believers”

Lawrence Namale

Well, it might sound like I am mocking God here but I am not. It might sound like I am mocking believers, but I am not. It might also sound like I am becoming a non-believer, but you would be totally wrong.

8 Reasons Why God’s Personal Brand Sucks

1. Systems and Processes

This is one of the greatest genius traits of God. He ordained rules, principles, systems and processes to govern his creation. The rules are not discriminatory, they apply to all of us. The law of purpose, the law of process, the law of focus, the law of consistency and so on, they are all available for everyone to exploit. The same applies to principles such as giving, working, etc. These systems and processes are not “miraculous” in themselves: they do not work if they are not worked. Unfortunately, most people delve in using the virtues of spirituality alone in order to be successful. You find people praying and fasting continuously while negating to work the systems and processes. When that happens, they do not get results they were seeking. Therefore God’s Personal Brand takes a hit. They might not want to tell you out in the open, but their hearts are disturbed about it.

2. Co-Creation:

In religious circles, we have this most spoken statement, especially after things go wrong: “God is in control”. That is a very interesting statement to make. In my book, Turn Your Setbacks into Major Comebacks”,  I make the following observation:

“The Statement, ‘God is in control’ has created more Atheists than it has comforted believers”

Why is that? Because an Atheist cannot fathom why a loving “God” could allow atrocities like we are seeing in Syria, rape, abortion, poverty, disease and so on. It just doesn’t make sense to them…and guess what? The Atheist is right. But he is also very misinformed.  God is not really in control…because God’s greatest mode of operation is through collaboration with humans.

God is not really in control…because God’s greatest mode of operation is through collaboration with humans.

Lawrence Namale

All the while things are going wrong and we are waiting on God, He on the other hand has been waiting on us as humans. That is why His brand suffers so much, because we choose to say that He is totally in control, yet technically, He is not!

3. Impostors

The amazing thing about God is that he cedes his “control” (at least of the earth) to humans. The problem is that some people have become impostors prying mostly on those who are not using systems and processes. Those not using systems of course use the other part of God~the virtues in order to succeed. An impostor then preys on them by putting on a show that he is from God, and he is God’s messenger. He does bizarre things that even an unbeliever will tell him out from a mile away…yet “believers” are hoodwinked. I heard of a “Pastor” who proclaimed that he brings healing to women by suckling their breats…and went ahead and created a tagline for his “ministry” along those lines. Attributing his “ministry” to God makes God’s Personal Brand to suffer.

4. Ignorance

Many God’s people are ignorant! Even God laments: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. People hardly read God’s word. They hardly get in the presence of God. Therefore they remain in a dilemma for the most part of their days. When this happens, they get disillusioned. Those who know that they are depending on God also get disillusioned. In turn, God’s good brand suffers yet again.

5. God Cherishes Growth

He does so much so in that He mostly created things in form of seeds. He does not give people a complete project fully spelled out. He gives us a seed in form of a thought or an idea. He did so with this article…the rest was up to me to be daring enough to pursue. The universe was not formed complete, yet everything we ever needed is already available in “seed” form. That is why the preacher said, “There is nothing new under the sun”.

God does this because he wants us to grow. He wants us to acquire the capacity in order to have and manage the new things that come into our lives. So when the promotion does not come after someone has quoted the scripture, “Promotion comes from the Lord” a gazillion times, God’s Personal Brand takes a hit. They might not necessarily say it in the open, but they are disturbed at heart. “Why is God not honoring His word?” Well, probably you have not grown in one aspect in order to fully move into the promotion.

6. He is of Ultimate Purpose

Everything before, in, and after creation serves one ultimate purpose. That purpose is the will of God. Nothing exists arbitrarily. Even when things go off the tangent, God still curves them, and molds them to point back to His ultimate purpose. This ultimate purpose supersedes any other purpose of God or man, including His Personal Brand. Therefore, the things that would serve to up his Personal Brand in our estimation might not necessarily be on his top list of ultimate purpose. What we cherish as humans is not really what he cherishes as God, unless of course we become so aligned with him. So if we expect Him to do something and he doesn’t, it must be of course for the sake of his Ultimate Purpose. In the end we will finally understand. Remember what they said about Jesus on the cross? “If he thinks he is God, let him save himself…let him climb down from the cross”. Why didn’t God intervene at that hour as his brand was taking a beating? Simple, He was already intervening in the Ultimate Purpose way.

7. He is God

God is multidimensional in all things. Probably, we are still exploring 3D, yet God is so more than complete and on his own plane altogether. At the moment when we are thinking his Personal Brand sucks, we are using our two dimensional reasoning. He is using his omni-dimensional omni-purpose existence to build and bring all things together.

8. He Is Conditional

Remember, a Personal Brand has promises…but it is brought to fruition by the fulfillment of those promises. Yet when it comes to God, all his promises are conditional. The only thing about God that does not have conditions is Love…but wait, even that Love he requires you to accept it. If you don’t He is tied and helpless. God says, “I wanted…but you wouldn’t”! God Almighty is hindered by our failure to do our part. When that happens, God of course looks bad, and his Personal Brand really suffers.


Well, I have written quite a bit about God on this blog, but one thing is for sure. You cannot figure him out. The wisest we can do, is to seek Him.