5 Best Ways to Deepen The “Spirit” in Your Craft

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May 22, 2019
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May 24, 2019

5 Best Ways to Deepen The “Spirit” in Your Craft


the unseen that is spirit finds a conduit of expression on earth, we stand amazed at people’s crafts, passions, dedication, commitment and resolve. People are attracted where there is energy, passion, excitement and creativity. All these are as a result of the spirit moving in those who are making things happen.

Without Spirit…

Conversely, whenever there is no passion, no spirit, no energy or at times no emotion invoked in our crafts, plans, purposes and pursuits, nobody wants to be associated with our cause. Spirit is what makes anything worth doing or having worth doing or having.

  • Think of marriage without spirit
  • Think of a family that is just flesh and blood but no spirit
  • Think of a business that is not infused of the spirit and passion of good
  • Think of a leader that doesn’t have spirit in them

With Spirit…

Life is great because its cove of vibrancy is the spirit. You remove the spirit from life and you are left with desolation. [ictt-tweet-inline]You remove the spirit from your craft and you are left with phoniness and inauthenticity. Soon enough, it’s dead and forgotten.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

That is why it is crucial for us to always deepen the level of spirit in our crafts, our plans, our projects, our purposes and pursuits. We cannot just focus on the “hardware” of our crafts and forget about the spirit behind it. If we do, soon enough we shall come to the time where we are no longer interested in the craft anymore. We shall either start producing mediocre things or we shall give up altogether.

How to Deepen the level of the Spirit in our Crafts

This begs the question: How in the world can we deepen the level of “spirit” in our crafts? Fortunately, there are some answers. First off we need to realize that [ictt-tweet-inline]matters related to the “spirit” are in the realm of the unseen but they find sanctuary in our hearts and spirits. It is from that cove that they are broadcasted into the world.[/ictt-tweet-inline] The following are some of just about 5 ways that you can deepen the level of spirit in your life.

1. Quietness

We live lives that are so “noisy”. That noise has invaded the inner sanctums of our very lives and psyches. Seldom do we quieten ourselves to just reflect and get perspective or our lives. Matters related to the spirit are for the most part heightened and made “deeper” when we embrace “quietness and trust”. We find much power when we learnt to quieten ourselves. When we are relaxed, alone, reflective, “waiting” and thankful of life, certain matters of the spirit are heightened. It is from this that you will learn new ideas, your passion will increase and your depth in spirituality connected to your craft will be anchored.

2. Meditation

I tend to have a different definition of medication. My definition of meditation is borrowed from the Bible. When God told Joshua, “This book of the law shall not depart from you…meditate on it day and night”, he was not telling Joshua to “empty” himself as some people teach about meditation. He was actually telling Joshua to “think deeply” about the same thing.


To meditate in my opinion is to ruminate over a matter (totally different from worrying). It is to consider all the possible angles and look at the possibilities available. It is to seek to know more, learn more and get it anchored in your soul so you won’t forget.

If you want to deepen matters related to the spirit of your craft, meditation is your key. What will you meditate on? Well, what else other than the reason behind your craft? Think on the people that you are serving. Think on the methods that you are using to serve them. Think on how better you can become and so on. Think.

3. Observe People in Need of Help

Misery and suffering are things all humanity tries to run away from. Unfortunately, everywhere you turn, you are bombarded with cases where people are in dire straits. Someone said that if you listen to the problems that someone else is having, chances are that if you had a problem, you will get better. Somehow, when we are confronted with situations where people are in need, we are taken back to the stark realization that we are human. We realize that we are mortal. Flesh and blood. We are forced to reflect and to be grateful for what is going on for us, and in turn, redouble our efforts in our crafts.

4. Endure Setbacks

Well, this is a weird one. One thing I know is that a setback in your life brings you into very sharp focus of things that matter to you the most. Probably what I cannot tell you is how to get a setback! Instead, I can tell you that whenever a setback comes your way, remember that your “hardware” is set to take a serious hit, but in the process, your spirit is set to be deepened to the core. One of the “deepest” people you will ever see are those who have seen setbacks and have learnt to overcome them.

5. Nurture Your Instinct

I have written about instinct before. It is that sixth sense that tends to override our natural dispositions and data in our environments. There is no way to explain how instinct works. Only that it is an indication from the spirit either warning you what not to do or giving you an impression of what you ought to do. At times, instinct will give you a vague peek of what is coming up in the future and when it does, you will call it “Deja Vu”. In order to deepen your spirit, you will need to learn more and more not to be fixated on what is seen, the demographics, numbers and all manner of data. This tends to tie you down. Learn though to trust the unseen. That is how you add depth to your spirit.

I shall continue with these thoughts in the next article.