5 Benefits of Subtle Connections in Purpose Pursuit

The Power of Subtle Connections In The Pursuit of Purpose
September 25, 2017
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September 27, 2017

5 Benefits of Subtle Connections in Purpose Pursuit


t times you download a powerful vision or purpose in your heart or spirit and you just get paralyzed. You wonder how in the world you will get it done. Well, if you wanted to know that you have dreamt big, then chances are that you will not achieve the dream alone. In fact, nobody is able to do everything alone. We need connections. We need people to help us. We need connections.

We have already seen in the previous post how critical these connections might be. Today, we finalize this thought by looking at the things that we get access to by virtue of these subtle connections.

Motion is the trigger

The thing that brings these subtle connections though is your motion. In other words, even if your dream is impossible to accomplish alone, there has got to be something that you can do on your part to move an inch. I have already talked about that aspect of life and pursuit here. [ictt-tweet-inline]A subtle connection is only important to the degree that you have done something on your part.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Otherwise, it is useless for you to have a subtle connection. If you wanted a subtle connection to a publisher, you would need to have at least prepared a manuscript.

That is the crux of the matter. At times, I see very many people seeking audience with mentors and coaches and other successful people. They think that if they can just get to have an audience with them, their problems would have been solved. I have also come to realize that at times, these people want the mentors and the coaches to think for them. It doesn’t work that way. Someone will give you a subtle connection, a next step if they deem you fit and ready. It works on recommendations. Their names and reputations are at stake. No one is recommending you if you are not ready. So get ready first.

The following are some of the advantages that you can gain with subtle connections.

1. Access

We have already shared the story of TD Jakes and how he was discovered. Elsewhere, it is said that we are six degrees (read six connections) away from getting the access we need. Access is granted to us that will provide several things that we shall discuss shortly. The access itself is so extremely important. TD Jakes needed access to a world-wide Christian Broadcasting Channel. When that happened, very many other things got aligned for Brother Jakes. But you have to notice that Jakes was not sitting waiting for things to come his way. He was doing something. Perhaps, the greatest benefit of subtle connections is access.

2. Resources

“Lack of Capital” is perhaps the most spoken of detriments to succeeding. It could be true, but it could also be false. The truth is that at times, the part of visioning is with the author of the vision, or the bearer of the vision, and the part of funding the vision is with someone else. Proverbs 16: 1 says

The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, are from the LORD.

You know what that means? It essentially means that your part for now is to download the vision and plan for it. The financing is allocated to somebody else. That is what subtle connections would do for you. However, this kind of connection is so particular on value and impact. If what you are pursuing does not generate impact and provide value, this kind of connection could be very elusive. In other words, you will have it easier to access to such subtle connections if you clarified your value and can show the impact of your vision.

3. Wisdom

The story of the guys trying to catch fish all night long is instructive. Jesus shows up to them and tells them to cast the net on the other side (make a small adjustment). They catch lots of fishes and their nets are nearly breaking. At times, we might be having all the needed things in place, and the only thing we need is the right connection of wisdom. The example of Steve Jobs when he went back to Apple is interesting. Apple was losing ground and very fast. They needed someone with vision and wisdom. They humbled themselves and brought back the iCEO. The rest as they say, is history. Life has so many wise people who have experience, insight and instinct that is invaluable. There are organizations that pay millions of dollars for advice with such people. You too can get this subtle connection and it can propel you to heights unprecedented. We need this kind of connection. How do we get it? Again, as long as there is impact and value in what you are pursuing, this connection will be achieved.

4. Skills and Expertise

For over 5 years, Betty Ogiel always wanted to publish her story and inspire hope in the world. She tried very many avenues but was not successful. One day, our paths crossed albeit for a different reason. However few minutes to our discussion, I realized that she had an amazing story that cannot go unnoticed. From the time that we met to the time that she had her own book published; it was less than one year! That was due to the power of subtle connections. As a result, Betty will be addressing a UN meeting on girl child education in California sometime in October 2017. Betty has speech impairment and is paralyzed on her right side. She uses her left hand to do everything; she actually had to re-learn how to write after a freak accident that she survived. But Betty is now an author due to a subtle connection.

This should liberate very many people. Just the fact that you do not have a degree in IT does not mean you cannot create an App. A subtle connection can help you. Probably you are stuck because you do not have expertise in the vision that you want to see fruition. You could get the skills and expertise in that area through a subtle connection. How do you get the connection? Keep seeking, keep knocking, keep asking, but keep refining the value and impact of your vision.

5. Platform

A platform is such a powerful analogy today. It gives you an elevation where a bigger number of people can see you and hear your message. Imagine if you have written a book and you get interviewed by someone like Benny Hinn, or Oprah and they beam your book across the world. Two things are likely to happen. More than one quarter of the people watching you (these two examples command audiences close to one billion in one week) will either be impacted or buy your book. Secondly, you are most likely to have increase in sales because of the platform you have been offered. Oprah did it for twitter and it got so popular a few years back. That was a subtle connection. How do you get this kind of connection? Again, get started, offer value and impact. You just never know. The rule of thumb is this: if you have not started, you can forget about the subtle connection.

You know, in the end, your purpose needs all these four benefits and then some. If your world will be impacted, you will need access, resources, wisdom and platforms. The result will be increased impact worldwide. However, like we have insisted all along, you had better get started with that idea of yours right now. Stop waiting and get started. The subtle connections like to “bandwagon” along long after you got started. You do not wait for them, you just get started.

Over to you.