How T.D. Jakes was Discovered

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September 10, 2017
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September 12, 2017

How T.D. Jakes was Discovered


he most negligible thing you could see is a single drop of water over a large rock. Again, the most benign thing you could watch is a single ‘powerless’ ant scurrying away with a single crystal of sugar from your table. Those two events are never spectacular by any chance, yet I would tell you this: They are critical to Life Signatures.

I have come to notice that Life Signatures are never formed by pomp and polemics, but by simple, ordinary events and actions that mean something to visionaries. Let that drop of water do its thing again over that huge rock. Let it drop again, and again for years. After that, you will begin to take note. It is a function of time and TIMING. Now the question we need to ask ourselves is this: Which drop is the most important in making a mark on the rock? The first one? The last one? No, each and every drop is equally important like the last one that finally makes the mark.

The Accidental ‘Discovery’

 I have been listening to something inspirational by a guy called Perry Stone. He’s message is titled “When Broken Vessels Sing!”. Wow! Now, if you are not that spiritual savvy, a vessel in this case refers to a human being fashioned by the Almighty God for the sake of Life Signatures. No apologies folks. That’s just it. Let me quote him here verbatim:

“See, you may be familiar with a man called Bishop TD Jakes. Bishop ‘Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready… TD Jakes.

A lot of people are familiar with Bro Jakes’ Ministry now, but wouldn’t be ten years ago when he pastored in Charlton West Virginia in a church of four hundred people. When TD Jakes said that 15 years before he ever got on TV, he often worried at how they would pay the bills at his house in his church, how he used to go to the woods and walk around and preach to the trees because he didn’t have anybody to preach to…but you see Bishop Jakes was a Chosen vessel who was on a shelf in a closet being hidden because it wasn’t TIME for him to be known.

Discovering the “Hidden Vessel”

Perry stone continues…

“One time Carlton Pearson as I understand it met Bishop Jakes, heard him preach and met Jan Crouch. He said, “Jan, this man would like to give you a video”, and Jan said, as she always does, “I don’t have time to listen to everybody’s videos, we’ve got hundreds of them coming in in a week”! And Carlton Pearson said, “Would you trust me,listen to this man preach on tape please listen”. So she had somebody listen. Somebody came and said, “Jan, get in here and listen to this man preach!”

She said: I WANT HIM ON T.B.N AS SOON AS WE CAN BOOK HIM. Bishop Jakes got up there and milked the word baby, he milked that thing that there wasn’t any milk left…and Jan said, “My God I have never heard a man in my life walking in shoe leather preach like this man can preach, I WANT HIM BACK”. TD Jakes went from 400 to 1000 in Charlton, then he went to Dallas Texas, where he now has 20,000 members…and God has blessed that man to the extend that he had a conference in Atlanta, and had the largest crowd that met together in this Dome….oh, you don’t wanna hear what I am talking about, somebody help me right now!!

What Are You Doing in Your Obscurity?

I do not know what it is you are doing that is considered ‘non-impactful’, ‘un-important’ or ‘un-noticed’. The true measure of Life Signatures is hanging on to those things in the days when you are hidden. If you can do this, then the day you are discovered, you will still  have that strength of no struggle to duplicate the things you were true to in the secret out in the limelight. You need not get discouraged because someone has not picked you. You need not get discouraged because someone has dumped you. You need not give up because nobody notices you or your efforts. This is the third time I have said it on this blog, and let me say it again: As long as you have found your voice, your passion, your vision, or what matters to you, I tell you, put your hands to it with reckless abandon. There is no other calling but this.

Before the World Discovers You

Soon enough, even if the world does not ‘discover’ you, you will find that you are leading such a fulfilled life. Such a life of purpose. You will find that you look forward to each day with much enthusiasm, because you have already discovered yourself. Let me tell you this, before the world discovers you, make sure you discover you! And as you embark on your little unnoticeable venture, I have this gut feeling, that as long as it matters to your heart, as long as it is important to you, somebody somewhere will ‘get wind’ of what you are up to. It could be a King Maker (Blog post coming up), it could be a tweet you sent out, an email, an acquaintance to an acquaintance…as long as you set yourself on fire with what you have discovered about yourself, get ready, the world is coming to watch you burn!

As sure as the sun is out there today (I hope it is on your end), I can tell you that there  is someone, or even a community, or even a nation, or even a whole region, or even the whole wide world that will ‘discover’ you. Here is the shortcut: You do not set out so that the world discovers you! No, that is not the focus. The focus for you is that you stay relevant to the dream and the passion and the vision. Seeking the world’s attention cheapens you. Staying relevant to the vision deepens you (Selah)

You see, great men and women never set out to be great. Greatness was never their focus. No, great men and women stayed the course on what MATTERS to them, never wavering. What is it that MATTERS to you today? How about in your whole life? What really MATTERS to you? Find that out. That is your calling! Have a discovery day, wont you?