41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 1/2

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November 3, 2014
41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 2/2
November 15, 2014

41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 1/2

Once in a while (daily) I go through my posts. Sometimes I get so mesmerized by what I have written to the point that I quote myself. I have been depositing some of these quotes on social media here and there for a while.

One thing I can say though is that all these quotes reveal my heart. They might be the same concept with what someone else has said elsewhere, but they are mine from my heart, as original as they are. I hope you find this inspirational. Here we go:


  1. “There is no champion who never self competed”
  2. “My definition for significance is living a life that impacts that of others positively, its scope notwithstanding”
  3. “Significance does not come from academic excellence only; it’s not a reserve of the schooled only”
  4. “When #WorkingSmart becomes the foundation upon which one works hard, watch out for revolutions”
  5. “Innovation must be a constant pursuit, for it makes the good better, and the better best”.
  6. “In fact, you would be indeed a Nearnderthal today if you did not use the “Forsby Flop” in high jump”
  7. “Many are called. Few look up from their daily routines to answer the call”
  8. “Your growth is in the next try”
  1. “Help to humanity is a constant virtue, not an optional luxury as cameras roll”
  2. “Dreaming is the wedding and honeymoon. Grinding the results will need the honey moon to be over”!
  3. “Many talents are neglected because people are looking for #Secrets
  4. ” We are our own prophets if you will…both of doom and diamonds. The choice is always ours”.
  5. “They say that a picture is worth 1000 words…but proper #words can be worth 1000 victories!”
  6. “I believe that the multitude of followers does not necessarily reflect the depth of a thought leader, but their resources in content do.”
  7. “The second biggest enemy of success after #fear is inconsistency.”
  8. “There is no #WorldClass cemetery”
  9. “Employing the strategy of hope results to one major enemy of success: indecision! “
  10. “Life does not offer us one outcome on all expectations.”
  11. “Although first impression speaks volumes, I would rather that it’s carried through all the time”
  12. “We don’t get inspired to do…we do and then we get inspired!”
  13. “Putting your future in God’s hands doesn’t mean you sit and wait like a Zombie…be in motion!”

Share with us your favorite quote from this catalog please. Thanks