41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 2/2

41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 1/2
November 7, 2014
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December 24, 2014

41 Favorite Personal Quotes from Life Signatures 2/2

We continue with my collection of some of my personal favorite quotes from Life Signatures, after more than 250 blog posts in 3 years.


  1. “The most alive person has chosen to die to the normal and ordinary to obtain that little extra”
  2. “The biggest job vacancy world wide to be filled 90% of humanity is for Self Executive Officers”
  3. “If laughter is an instant vacation, then serious thinking is an instant employment”!
  4. “Be careful of the environment you live in…has potential to shape your productivity”
  5. “Let me tell you this, before the world discovers you, make sure you discover you!”
  6. “Refusing to anticipate failure is not positive thinking…it is simply illusionary”
  7. “Legacies are never selfish. Legacies are always people-centered!”
  8. “As we develop our life signatures, we never should veer from that same old focus of ‘others’ “.
  9. “We hold our own arsenals in contempt since we are so familiar with them”
  10. “All the details are an illusion. As long as I can see the #Next logical destination and take it, I am still in the game”
  11. “Without the vision, forget about the cash! What do you need the cash for?”
  12. “The reason as to why many people are unhappy is because they are not solving problems… They are shelving them”
  13. “When they say ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ they really mean that it may not be done at the first attempt”
  14. “You better make sure you not in the belly of a whale before judging Jonah harshly”
  15. “Sometimes the death of a dream is what is needed for the life of that dream”
  16. “Be careful with your ‘passionate conversation’ #unbeknown to you, your little child internalizes your #Values
  17. “I have learnt one simple lesson: You get enlarged in the moment of your distress!”
  18. “There is nothing as empty as an ‘expert’ who has no heart energy in what it is they are championing”
  19. “Success is going totally against the grain…in order to align with what resonates within”
  20. “Believe me, we are always in a state of BECOMING, otherwise, we are DEAD”

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