4 Reasons Why You Must Do This In 2015

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November 15, 2014
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December 29, 2014

4 Reasons Why You Must Do This In 2015

“Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken”

–via @GoodMotivator


There is one major game changer in life. It is the greatest leveler of all mankind from various tribes, races, and virtually, all walks of life. With the same resources, it makes some successful and renders others failures. In 2015, and yes, even from the years that have gone, it has been and indeed will remain the biggest weapon we posses to create our Life Signatures here on earth. It has a price. The price is not monetary, or material. The price is courage. Do you know what this game-changer is?

  • It creates instant change
  • It helps unlock potential
  • It helps people get unstuck from their crises
  • It dispels fear in an instant
  • Where fear still pervades, it motivates action despite of it.
  • It helps create a desired outcome.

This game changer stems from the very first diay of the existence of a human being on earth. The greatest gift we have comes to us because we have the power to choose.Think about that. Even God himself does not arbitrarily give us the greatest gift ever if we do not choose! This is one of the greatest paradoxes of life. It is sad and sweet at the same time. Sad because very many people the world over are ‘waiting’ on God. Sweet because there is no limit to anything good that we desire to choose. Once grasped, these statements can cause a revolution no only in a life but in the world itself!

That we are humans means that we can choose what is good or what is bad.

When all things are constant and there is no pressure from outside, one can make an informed choice. Therefore, our first calling is to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You cannot make a good choice without information. The question therefore begs, where do you get the information for the choices of your life? The best place you can get information to make a meaningful choice in your life is where I went to get this blog put up. The heart. But I digress…

The Game Changer is the Power of Decision-Making

Each passing day, life is being shaped by the power of decisions…made or unmade!

  1. Imagine if Nelson Mandela never made a decision to fight against oppression? Would you know him today?
  2. Imagine if Jesus Christ made a decision NOT to descend on earth? Scary, right?

In an instant, a man can decide to be better and in a matter of seconds, everything about that man (at least in the invisible realm) changes to support that decision. In 2015, it is the power of personal decision making that will gravitate us to the next levels that we desire.

The worst we can do even in seeming difficulties is to decide for the status quo. I think we as human beings should never seek to maintain a particular status. Our quest should be to be better, deeper, richer, more impactful, more fulfilled, more involved than we have ever been since we were born!

This can only be made by intentional decision-making. The following things should be considered as you

  1. Make BIG Decisions:

Frankly, it is big decisions that will create milestones in your life. Remember that a big decision does not mean that all the action you will need must be big. A big decision might be effected by small consistent actions. I think the greatest impediment o making big decisions has always been fear. Fear stems from having no information or having wrong information. Like we said, one of the purest places where you can find good information from which to decide is the heart. Look therein and make a decision that will make you come alive, serving your purpose.

  1. Decide Promptly:

Yes, you need information to decide…but you do not need a PHD in that aspect before you can decide. Many people are crippled by what is commonly termed as ‘paralysis analysis’. Look, the sooner you take a decision, the faster things start moving towards the direction of that decision. Boldness and courage is important here. Learn to be a prompt to do it decision-maker. For the most part, you will not have all the information needed. The point is that you can always make adjustments as you keep moving in the direction of your decisions.

  1. Decide Often:

Become alive by making consistent decisions that will spur you to action. Remember, a decision can be made in split seconds and can have far reaching impact. When is the last time you made a decision for your development and fulfillment? The most successful among us are those who are in constant motion of decision-making. The less decisions we make in life the less the life there is anyway.

  1. Take Counsel Always:

In our world today, there are hundreds of places you can get counsel from. The key thing about counsel is trust. If you are in relationships where there is trust, you can get counsel from there before, during and after you make decisions. Know this however: You cannot blame the counselor for the outcome of the decision you make! Some years back, someone went to sue their boss after they lost a job because of contract cancellation. Apparently, this employee had an option to go study abroad, but opted for the job…which he eventually lost. Look, the buck stops at your desk, not at the door of your mentors and counselors. That being said, you need a host of these to help you in decision making.

4.5. Decide Objectively

Feelings and emotions are so fickle! They change like shifting shadows. I have lived long enough to know that you don’t have to ‘feel right’ all the time before you can make a decision. And sometimes, you can make a decision with some feelings and then the feelings grow wings and fly away. What do you do when the feelings with which you made a decision are not there to sustain the decision to the very end? The rule of thumb here is to be as objective as possible. Instead of using feelings, use information and counsel…but I must admit sometimes feelings do play a key role in decision-making. Good decisions for that matter.

Let me take time from Life Signatures and wish you a more fulfilling year in 2015. Go for it!