Why is God So Particular About Preparation?

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July 15, 2018
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July 18, 2018

Why is God So Particular About Preparation?


n several different occasions on this blog, I have seemed to have talked against the notion of looking for miracles. I have fronted the fact (or the thought) that miracles are needed mostly in exceptional circumstances to restore us to the “normal”. From there on, we apply the natural laws and principles that have been set up to govern our lives and productivity. I still contend that God put systems and processes in place that govern our lives and pursuits. These laws and principles do not discriminate if you are a Christian or agnostic. If you apply them, they work for you. Of course there are spiritual laws that I will not venture into at the moment. Either way, [ictt-tweet-inline]Whether you are talking of spiritual or natural laws, you cannot fail to see the need for preparation in either case.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

How Things Are Structured

In the previous post, we saw extensively how things are structured in life. God uses only two major components. Laws and seeds. A seed fertilizes an egg. The egg uses the law of time and growth to grow and mature. Nature uses the law of maturity and procreation to produce after the seed. When the produce comes, it is expected to grow in such a way that it can also reproduce after it’s kind. I know that sounds so rudimentary, but that is exactly how all living things operate. In between, we operate under laws that govern each sphere of life. If we flout those laws, we fail. If we use the laws to our advantage, we succeed. That is how life is structured. There is no other way. “How about miracles?” One might ask. Whenever there is a miracle, there is circumventing of natural existing laws that govern a process. In that case, there is no need for preparation.

Why God is Particular about Preparation

Perhaps the greatest reason why God is so particular about preparation is the way He formed things to operate, specifically using the seed principle. Nothing is ready made and fully functional. If we studied for a minute the very first commandment given to man, we will understand the importance of preparation in our lives:

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth”.

Complimenting God

That command is paradoxical. It both talks of the notion of completion and in-completion at the same time. Two major important responsibilities that we are given: To reproduce (to become more of ourselves); and to govern (to both maintain status quo or even make it better). When you look at it carefully, you realize that there is need for application of ourselves, work, productivity, thinking, planning, strategizing and all. How will you and I get all these things done if preparation is not part of our focus? The fact is that you and I cannot get to the level of being fruitful and having dominion without undergoing a certain process called preparation. We do not come into this world fully prepared to have dominion and be fruitful. But we come here filled with potential to not only be fruitful but also to multiply, fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion in it.

Here is why I think God is so particular about preparation:

1. Qualification

Preparation is what God has set aside as the method that we use to qualify for the next level. That is why at times growth is natural to those who are applying themselves. In God’s Kingdom, promotion to the next level is through qualification at this level. I do not care how much your prophet prophesies that you will bet a breakthrough. If you are not prepared for it, you will not attain the breakthrough. God’s name is at stake. Look at the story of David becoming a King. He was ordained yes, but then had to go through a season of preparation to get there.

2. Growth

I think God is so interested in growth. That is part of the reason that he loves seeds so much. The process of growth is simply the process of preparation. There is no shortcut to growth other than it. If anything, the need for growth has been so ingrained in how DNA that we would not feel fulfilled if we are not growing.

3. Potential

You unearth your potential through a process. You do not unearth your potential through miracles. A miracle will deprive you of the opportunity to excavate what you are really made up. Do not mistake my stance. There is a place for miracles. When we are sick and in distress and need help, we need miracles. However, in the natural process of growth and living up to our God-given calling, preparation is important in deploying our potential. It takes time to deploy potential. It won’t happen in an instant.

4. Ownership

Preparation makes you part of a process which you can own. Jesus Christ said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Isn’t it the reason why we see mothers so attached to their children? They went through a preparation process with the child as they grew up inside of her. Perhaps the mark that we are prepared for anything is shown with the degree of ownership that we place on it. If we are less attached to something, we didn’t really prepare for it. God wants owners more than anything.

5. Resilience

Preparation gives you enough resources to be resilient. We are living in an unfair world. We are living in a dark fallen world. If we did not prepare ourselves well, chances are that at the crucial moment where we needed to stand, we shall fall. God takes you through a period of preparation in order to build your resilience index.

6. Excellence

Excellence at times is a function of preparation. Perhaps the greatest example I have used to show people this is a YouTube video of how a Rolls Royce is manufactured. It takes a full  four moths to manufacture one Rolls Royce. When you see the finished product, it is a mark of excellence and finesse. It takes preparation to attain excellence, and God is pretty much committed to excellence.

7. Protection

There is a reason why one must be of age before he can be made an owner of an estate. In the interim as he is preparing himself, other people are taking care of the estate on his behalf. Imagine if you give an estate to a child at five years? Or better yet, imagine if your business grew 100 times over in 24 hours? Would you handle it? Preparation helps you and I to be protected from being overwhelmed and even being killed by success when it comes.