What’s Your Plan for A Million Dollars?

August 29, 2013
September 4, 2013

What’s Your Plan for A Million Dollars?

Let’s say that someone is so benevolent that they would write you a check of one Million Dollars. Would you be happy? Of course you would.

Here is the catch though…(there always will be a catch): All that this philanthropist wants to see is a breakdown of how well you will use that bounty to generate more income over a period of time. He does not want you to go and prepare that plan, he wants you to show it to him…right now!

The plan must be well broken down to the detail: The projects, the resources, the time-frames, the people, the projected revenues…the works.

Question: Would you qualify?

Think about that. I mean, let’s really think about that. Do we seriously think about this stuff? I am not just talking about a Million Benjis here…your level might be different than mine. Let’s say your dream of a financial windfall is USD 50,000. Would you still qualify?

Here is the thing…I am ready to bet that cash has been eluding people because they have not been minding about cash.

For the most part, people think about the money they do have, or what they can expect in terms of income. People seldom plan for dream cash down to the details…including me up to recently. Yet that is changing for me. If my goal is to be worth 10 Million Dollars, I need a plan on how to handle that cash.

  1. How much is allocated for my projects (Assuming that the projects are already conceptualized)
  2. How much is allocated for other people’s projects (Assuming that I have a heart to help a certain group of people)
  3. How much is allocated for investments (Assuming that I have in-depth knowledge of what kind of investments suit me)
  4. How much is allocated for the next generation (Assuming that I have a vision that spans my life-time to the next and the next)
  5. How much is allocated to lifestyle (Assuming that I am prudent enough to schedule my joys)
  6. How much is allocated to research (Assuming that I am progressive enough to invest in science and technology for the greater good of the world)
  7. How much is allocated for other people’s dreams (I will never forget the day Oprah gave cars and houses to several people both in her audience as well as those suggested through mails)
  8. How much is allocated to spread the Gospel (Good news. It needs cash to spread it)
  9. How much is allocated to nurturing the talents/ gifts of my children. (This goes without saying).
  10. How much is allocated to building not just a home..but a house.

The list is only as long as guess what? It is as long as your dreams. Which begs this question: What are your dreams? Are they documented?

You see, those are the million-dollar questions that you need to ask yourself. Honestly, very many people do not have a dream financial figure. Chances are that they are afraid to dream…or do not have time to dream…or they have not made their dreams clear to the dregs of the details.

Your financial dream might not be millions of dollars. In fact, your financial dream is directly proportional to the purpose you want to accomplish in life. So do you know that purpose? You see, many people have this all backwards. People think about money (mostly not to an accurate figure), yet do not know what in the world they would do even with a fraction of that money! Isn’t it any wonder that we do not see the money?

Our challenge today is to craft to the very dregs of detail, what we would do with our dream bounty of cash. If we can do this and look it over carefully, chances are that well below five years, that dream will become a reality.

True, isn’t it?