What’s the Most Important Thing?

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August 20, 2014
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What’s the Most Important Thing?

“Majuto ni mjukuu” (Swahili saying for “The grandchildren will reap the negative results of your actions”)

Your answer to this all critical question will most definitely reveal what you cherish, what you value and what you hold in high esteem. However it might not necessarily be what you should cherish, value and esteem. Happiness, I believe is knowing what is the most important thing and doing it. If there is a conflict between what is important and what you are doing, then sooner or later, you will reap massive regrets.

That seven-letter word. Regret. The heaviest blow of a regret unfortunately is never immediate. It is always later. After some months or years.

For now, you could easily pacify the red flags,

You could easily explain your actions away,

You could hide in ‘freedom’ and human rights,

You could postpone doing what matters because you perceive that you have time on your side,

You could give excuses as to why you should not focus on what is important now.

But you could never silence the benign voice of your conscience from where what really matters always beckons. In the silence of the night, you will know it. You might not need an evangelist to point it out…you will most definitely know what matters.

What is a regret?

It is an ugly emotional blister that shows up after a season of neglecting what you knew was to be done. You either gave excuses, postponed, procrastinated or simply got side-tracked by what smothered your soul.

Today, in our daily pursuits…do we delve in what really matters or are we subdued by the daily bustles and hustles of paying bills and feeding ourselves? For the record, what really matters is not making a living. That is normally the basic. Everybody is expected to do that.

If you asked different people this question, you will get different answers. Chances are that even in the same family, you will get as many answers as there are members of that family.

If you asked the same person at different seasons the same question, chances are that you will get totally different answers depending on the season.

If you asked a professional athlete what the most important thing is…what answer would you anticipate? Probably winning a championship. OK, so why is that important to her? Probably so that she can have a successful career. OK, why is a successful career so important to her? Well, probably with that, she is able to live a comfortable life. And then what? If she had a comfortable life right away, is there anything else that would be important to her? That is what I am asking.

The question is: Is there one or several universal things that are considered the ‘most important’ to all of us?

Is it money? The world has existed before without money.

Is it time? Time was created to govern seasons through which human beings can live to fulfill their purposes.

Is it health? Healthy people are supposed to use the gift of health to do what they were intended to do.

Is it Values? These are great catalysts to living a life full of success.

Is it success? Success at what? What is success anyway?

Is it your spouse, your children, your family and friends? Now you are getting warmer.

Another question is: Is what is important to an individual linked to what should really matter in life?

I honestly believe that what matters, what is really important in life is not the material and tangible. I believe that what is really important is what will stand in the end after all else that is perishable is gone. That is what we need to focus on daily, not occasionally when we get to crossroads of life.

The most important thing in life is not a thing or tings. Things are not eternal, people are. The highest price ever paid for something unwanted and unworthy is a life…for other lives!

Frankly, if you believe in the big bang theory, then I guarantee you that everything you would value as important to you would mostly be the tangibles that you can see, feel and touch. Such things would not stand the test of eternal time. They would go, however noble they were.

If on the other hand you believe in the hand of the Divine Design in life, chances are that what should matter to you would be things which the Divine Design is passionate about.

So how would you know what matters most in life?

Let’s say that an inanimate object like say a TV set had feelings. Whenever it is turned on and brings you TV broadcasts and cable programs, it feels happy, satisfied and fulfilled. On the other hand, when it is used to decorate your living room, it feels not as happy. In both cases, it’s feelings are dependent on its functions. Yes, it could be used to decorate a room but that is not its primary function. In other words, the most important thing to the TV is its primary function.

Most importantly, the creator of the TV set would really feel let down if he visited you and found that all its doing is decorating a house!

To know what is the most important thing in life, you need to consider the following three things:

1. Origin:

If you do not believe in a Creator of life, chances are that the most important things to you will be selfish, and self-centered. But like the TV set above, would you be happy? Honestly? When you are not debating with people and you are alone in your room, would you be happy to be alive? Would you be fulfilled?

If on the other hand you believe in an Eternal Creator, chances are that the most important thing to you would be what He values. The most important thing for you would be his crown of creation, and his relationship with them, the human beings. God. People. Relationships. Tell me what else is bigger than this!

2. Intention

It is very difficult to know the intention of life if you believe that the universe big banged itself and made what we see, including your complex self. I believe the Divine Creator put things in place with a specific intention. It therefore follows that the most important thing in life ought to point towards this end. This is the primary function of life. Any pursuits that lead away from this intention, however noble or harmless, ethical or legal will in the end count for nothing. Think about that.

3. Function:

As much as there is intention in creation, it therefore follows that there must be function of the created to fulfill the intention. It is called Life Purpose. Seeing that we are not inanimate objects or robots, it is very possible to function for the rest of our lives secondary and subservient to the primary function of our existence. Every individual has a unique expression and contribution towards the most important thing on earth.

I am afraid the bulk of life across the world has largely been led secondary and subservient to the most important thing in life. It is possible to be very successful in our own terms but in the end have led a meaningless life.

If you are leading a life that is not focused on the most important thing, I guarantee you that in the end, in the very end of your life, you will know. The problem is that it’s too late then. There is nothing you can do about it. You will be able to say together with King Solomon the following:

“Smoke, nothing but smoke. [That’s what the Quester says.] There’s nothing to anything–it’s all smoke”

Ecc 1:2

My question to us today is this:

What is the Most Important thing in your Life?