There Is Nothing Called ‘Being Stuck’!!

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April 10, 2012
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December 19, 2012

There Is Nothing Called ‘Being Stuck’!!

“There is no nation in the whole world that prospered from aid…how come that the western world think that Africans will be developed through receiving aid?”

~ Andrew Rugarisa, CEO Good African Coffee

You have most probably heard people saying that they are stuck. Maybe you have been ‘stuck’ yourself a couple of times.

Now I have an interesting question. Is it the only ‘stuck’ you have ever been in? Surely there are some other moments when you got stuck…but here is the thing…you never really stayed there! You are here because somehow you got unstuck.

Now ladies and gentlemen, right there is the comfort that we all should have, especially to the many people right now who are stuck one way or another. Stuck will go, and that is for sure!

Maybe someone helped you. Maybe you ‘helped’ yourself. Maybe, you out-waited on the ‘stuck’ and time just wore it down. Yet I am so sure that that stuck did not leave you the same! Like a friend of mine and fellow blogger Winnie Thuku wrote in her book titled ‘Broken to be made whole’, a stuck will always grow you.

One thing is for sure here…there is nothing in the whole wide world like being stuck!! Nothing! There is always something that can be done to remedy a ‘stuck’ situation. One of the reasons as to why we remain stuck for long is because we do not want to take the Quinine of a solution that mostly yanks us from our comfort zones.

Let me say this: We are either just out of a stuck, in a stuck or headed towards one. Why is that? Well this is life, and this is a fallen black world! The message is simple…deal with it…and deal with it at the earliest opportunity! Bible says not to be surprised when stuck happens as if something foreign is happening to you, because stuck is common to mankind!

Now, the most amazing thing about being unstuck is that for the most part, the answer, the key out of the predicament is seldom out there and far fetched. It is for the most part within reach, within grasp. We always seek out grandeur in getting out. The answer sometimes is normally simpler than we thought:

  • Moses had his staff,
  • David had his harp,
  • Lawrence has his mouth,
  • Africa, like Andrew Rugasira said, has minerals, oil, people, rivers and an awesome climate and soil.
  • You and I have skills, talents, phone books, facebook friends, twitter followers, CVs, associations and organizations.

The biggest reason as to why I stay stuck for a long time is that I am not willing to use the immediately available resources at my disposal. If I could just sit down at least two hours today and carefully examined what I have going on for me, even in my stuck situation, I would be amazed how many options I have, Indeed, I would be spoilt for choice!

Sometimes our thinking is too exotic, so we miss out on immediately available options.

At other times our thinking is so traditional, blinding us from seeing our deliverance in our own hands or vicinity.

The nature of being stuck sometimes psychologically emasculates us from taking action by virtue of feeling ‘helpless’. So we transfer the deliverance to a deliverer.

I have come to learn that for the most part, to be unstuck you have to be your own deliverer…all the others that come normally just do a patching up work…relieving you for few days before the cement solidifies with your feet in it again.

There is nothing like being stuck. All we need to do is to look more intensely inside…much more intensely than we look externally for help. There is always a way…there always will be a way. Your stuck today will be as irrelevant as the distant star in the sky above tonight few months from now.

Time to grasp something in the vicinity and break up the chains of our stuck!

Have an unstuck day, wont you?