The 5 Most Potent Strategies used to Destabilize Visionaries

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March 28, 2017
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April 1, 2017

The 5 Most Potent Strategies used to Destabilize Visionaries

Hell is simply a place of torture, suffering, isolation and where purpose and vision have no meaning. If hell is against progress, then hell will do all that it has in order to derail a visionary. At the basic instinct level, we are all on the lookout for things that will derail our plans, purposes and pursuits. We are militant to protect ourselves from these obvious “attacks”. For example, we know that laziness, disorganization, lack of vision and team work are things that can kill our vision. That is why we arm ourselves accordingly.

That is why we attend several “Training seminars” so that we can not only be better, but also well equipped to counter any retrogressive traits that attract failure.

So hell as intelligent as it can be has cropped up several stealth attacks against the most successful visionaries. What is the purpose? To make them purpose-less, crash their dreams, kill their momentum and flow of inspiration. If successful, a visionary becomes distracted in two ways. First, they stop being productive and that is a major blow to humanity. Can you imagine the world without Steve Jobs or his nemesis Bill Gates? Can you imagine the world without Thomas Edison or Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln?

It is a sorry spectacle, isn’t it? That is what hell is up to. To make the earth a sorry spectacle. So if you had a glimpse of hell’s strategic meeting to derail a visionary, top on the menu of their arsenal would be stealth weapons: they will not use anything that can be easily identified. They are going to use one or all of the following weapons.

1. Broken focus:

Hell knows that you are a creature that gets satisfaction with work. And so when you find something that you are passionate about, immediately you get locked into it, hell will create a counterfeit passion and throw it at you stealthily. Why? Because they know that they can slow you down. That is all that they need. To hell, speed of productivity and success is very dangerous for their agenda. If they cannot stop you using obvious attacks, they have to slow you down. They will use the weapon of broken focus so that you take your eye from the prize. You start “multi-tasking” your way into mediocrity, all the while thinking that you are versatile. For example, you find yourself involved in projects that are not yours, but belong to a close relation. Either your wife, family friend or even the family itself (I have to be careful here because some family projects are generational and might need your attention).

What do you need to do? Guard your Focus militantly. Use the “Park” option. This means that when an “idea” however brilliant it is comes your way, take some time and review it. Log it into your idea bank and map out its time that you can review it. Then go right back to what you were focusing on and make sure that you finish it.

2. Inconsistency

If you cannot be distracted by another big project, then hell has cropped up one more weapon that will run rings around you. The major motive here is to kill your passion and inspiration and create an aura of apathy around you. Sooner or later once apathy has set in, you get detached from your passion and the nuances of intimacy you have with it begin to fade. A good example is a Christian who knows that he is supposed to be consistently building their prayer life daily. Hell will make sure that the daily routine is broken by sending in very many excuses. So you find that you start postponing things to a later date. The moment you postpone something, you have actually given hell more ammunition. You have given them more time to think of something else that can distract you. If hell can interrupt your cycle for two consecutive times, they have won. All they need is just tip the scale and the visionary loses inspiration to continue.

What do you need to do? You need to be on the lookout. You need to be an ardent planner who knows the importance of Urgency. The extremely militant about your time. DO not let anything or anyone interrupt your time. One of my mentors, Dr. Mike Murdock knows how much each hour costs him. So if he gives you an appointment for 30 minutes, he says that it better be worth its cost. Do not be too benevolent about your time. Instead, schedule everything, including fun.

3. Shortcuts & Shiny Objects:

This is perhaps the biggest of them all. Inherently, people want to get to where they desire faster. In fact, I have not met anyone that does not seek a financial miracle. And that is why hell has crafted a potent stealth tactic that promises people immediate rewards at very little cost. We have heard of Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. Even the best of them all still masquerade and disguise themselves using spirituality. The visionary can easily want to circumvent the processes and systems of production to catch a major break with these shortcuts. Shiny objects on the other hand are things that are not necessarily part and parcel of a visionary’s agenda or passion. However, they are well marketed to cause you to buy them on impulse. Hell works carefully with your friends, relatives and loved ones. They know that you trust such people and so they are the ones who become the source of these shiny objects. They care about your success and they want you to experience what they are initially experiencing. Before you know it, you have abandoned ship. Three or four years later, you are in serious trouble trying to pay debts and stay out of prison. Or maybe you are stressed trying to recover your money. You put your hard earned cash in it because you thought that the proceeds would fund your vision. Now the vision is stagnant and the money is gone.

What to do: Stay away from anything in which you have no control over its processes in giving you increase.

4. Strife:

Hell will use people. A co-founder becomes lazy or swindles the company out of its cash. A key employee leaks secrets about the company. A major decision maker starts derailing the vision of the company. A marriage partner becomes disrespectful, indifferent, un-understanding or un-cooperative. This is a bit obvious from hell. It comes when other stealth tactics have failed. Hell knows that two cannot walk together unless they agree.

What to do? At the earliest opportunity, seek to resolve this. Better yet, before you get into any relationship, make sure that you are “on the same page”. You need to share some passion and values. If these clash, it is a recipe for disaster and hell doesn’t need to help you with this.

5. Lack of Professionals:

Hell will convince you to save some money. Do some projects by yourself. Create your own book cover because these days you can do so with Microsoft Word. So you end up having a brilliant idea that has been executed with below quality standards. In turn, your audience does not take you seriously.

What to do: Spend on quality. Spend on excellence. Though it costs you an arm and a leg, spend on finesse.