The 5 Hidden Forces That Empower Any Strategy

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December 10, 2018
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The 5 Hidden Forces That Empower Any Strategy

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y social media channels have been flooded of late with thought leaders sharing the strategies that made them crush it and succeed. Over and over again, one person shares a strategy and another shares another strategy in different areas of pursuit. The internet has opened up the world to those of us who desire to be teachers, regardless of how “qualified we might be”. Our “Qualification” is the silent thing that I want us to discuss today.

Teaching of Strategies

If for example someone figured out a way of earning great income through starting an online course, the very first thing that they want to do is to teach it. In coming up with a teaching curriculum, the thought leader will most certainly break it down into a strategy. This strategy might have five or seven points that you can use.

What Qualifies You To Teach?

I will never forget some years back when I attended a seminar. The guest speaker had finished presenting when he invited questions. I stood up wanting to know how I can have the audacity to call myself a teacher of something when I lack the qualifications. What I meant was that I did not have any “Certification” to up my pedigree before I could start teaching. The guest speaker would have none of it. He advised me to do what I can do with what I have instead of waiting until I get some kind of certification.

The Missing Ingredient (s)

A certification will give you great content and help you with defining a strategy. However, you and I should by now know that making it in life is not just about applying a particular strategy. There are some hidden things that are never taught in any kind of school. For the most part, these left out things are the ones that will be directly responsible for making it.

It is Strategy and then Some

That is why you can fly someone to the best school that has the best curriculum and apply the best strategy but still they fail to make it. That is why in a poorly equipped school you will have someone acing their papers as compared to one who went to a well endowed school. What is the difference? The difference is that those who made it used strategy and some other things. It wasn’t strategy alone.

The 5 Silent Forces that Back Up The Strategy

When a thought leader is sharing with you their strategy, you might not know several things that were in play when they were developing their own “qualification”. Unfortunately, some of them assume that you will know these things or that you already know them and so they do not teach them to you. The following are the silent forces that back up any strategy of achievement.

1. Courage

You can have the strategy in place but if you do not have the courage to implement it, you will not be successful. We are all at different times encumbered with fear of different degrees. It will require us to be courageous in order to step out and accomplish something.

When we are starting, there is an aura of doubt, looking stupid and the prospect of failure. Courage is knowing full well that those things do exist but we choose to go for it anyway. A thought leader that teaches you strategy but fails to teach you courage (or at least encourage you to be courageous) is assuming that you already are…which might not be the case necessarily.

2. Urgency

Urgency is the force of focus that you put in a project. It is the investment of time to make it count, and to bring value into your focus in a specified period of time. So if all you have is strategy missing the urgency, you will not necessarily be successful. All the successful thought leaders that are teaching a strategy or two must have done it through the power of urgency. So think of adding this to your focus.

3. Faith

Zuckerberg, Jobs, Bill Gates as well as Bezos did not know that they would have the success that they are enjoying today. All they did was to respond to what mattered to them at the moment, and it was their projects. You have to have some kind of faith that you will pull it off. If you are just employing strategy without faith, you are missing out on one of the most stupendous forces of success. If anything, at times faith overrules strategy for it cannot be boxed into some laws and rules…

4. Patience and Persistence

Just because you have a strategy that is touted to be able to give you millions does not mean that it will work. Strategy is not something that operates on its own. It operates in conjunction with various connections that are needed.

At times all these connections are not in harmony. They need time to gel. At times, in fact, for the most part, you will need time to adjust before the strategy can work.

Do not presume that you will plant a seed today and tomorrow you start living happily ever after eating fruit of your one day act of inspiration. Even the best of a strategy must be implemented with patience, diligence and discipline over a simmering time in order for it to be fruitful.

5. Passion and Unction

Give someone the best strategy ever discovered by the best brains. If they do not have their heart into it, you cannot expect them to crush it. It’s that simple. That is why you cannot copy and paste success. Strategy only gives you the what and the how that needs to be done. The greatest part of doing things though is the why. Without the why, you might not be successful.

Without these five nuggets, strategy is an empty shell.