The 4 Major Ways Potential Speaks Daily – Part 2

The 4 Major Ways Potential Speaks Daily – Part 1
February 16, 2021
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February 22, 2021

The 4 Major Ways Potential Speaks Daily – Part 2

W e have five different senses that we transact with in life. We need them to hear, to see, to feel, to smell and to taste. If one of them is off, there is a bit of a problem. The sense of hearing is perhaps an interesting one to look at because it is directly connected to direction and success.

The Power of Hearing

What we hear, for example, determines what we believe and even what we look for. Today, our pursuits are directly connected to what we are hearing. When someone comes to town and tells us that quail eggs offer an avenue to get rich, if what we are looking for in life is riches, then we take that direction.

At the end of the day though, we need to stop the traffic and ask ourselves this question:

What really are we looking for in life?

What do we really want? If you asked several people that question, you will get different answers. Not that those answers are not valid to them but some answers might not be deep enough.

Something Deeper

People barely know what they want out of this life save for survival. However, if you keep questioning them and providing the answers to their immediate pressing needs, you will realize that there is something deeper in life that we all want. I do not think that there is anyone in life who doesn’t want fulfillment.

How does fulfillment come anyway? For one, I do not think it comes by itself. We have to be involved. That’s where potential comes in. However, we seldom exploit our potential because we have not learnt to listen to the voice of potential. We either ignore it, silence it, crowd it out or take its head half-heartedly.

The Voice of Potential

But that doesn’t mean that potential is not at work. It is. Its voice is heard by those who are attuned to it on a daily basis. It has distinct ways in which it communicates to us. It only shows us possibilities…and every time there is a possibility close by, there is a treasure trove of deep wells of potential.

Here is how potential speaks to us.

1. Through Problems

2. Through Passion

3. Through Gifts and Talents

What comes naturally that gives us abilities to do this and that spells to us about our possibilities. We have to realize that gifts and talents are not fully formed just like ideas aren’t. But the fact that you have a natural ability to do something should tell you that potential is communicating to you.

That’s what it did to me some years back when I was in primary school. I knew that I could write. That was potential actually screaming to me. The passion was there as well as the gift. How did I know potential was speaking? Because I was the best among my peers. Guess what? The exploits that I did in English, I could not replicate in Swahili.

The sad part

Like already shared, the sorriest thing about gifts and talents is that we ignore them. Why? Because we have an already “working system” (education, jobs, salaries, retirement), that is proven and tested. That’s why a seriously gifted writer postpones working on his talent because he has to go through the system.

At the end of the day, you find that many people go to the grave with gifts and talents unused. Dormant and unexploited potential. But you see, all along potential was screaming at us with the voice of gifts and talents. My life’s greatest success could very well be in the area of my gifting. Yours too. So listen to that voice of potential and take heed.

4. Through Ideas

One great life principle is seeds. We ought to learn this early. That everything we need has to go through a gestation process. Therefore, if you needed money today, there must have been a gestation period with the seeds that life has given you before today so as you can get the money.

The same applies to love and just about any other thing that you want out of this life. Ideas offer a great way to exercise our potential. Ideas talk of possibilities. Perhaps one of the most powerful things on earth are ideas. Whenever an idea comes to you today, it is the voice of potential speaking to you.

Ideas speak always

It is telling you that there is a treasure trove of possibilities directly connected to that idea that you are toying with at the moment. That’s what happened to Apple, Facebook, IBM and all this big tech companies. That’s what happened to things like education. It started as an idea in someone’s mind.

The interesting thing about ideas is that we have them by the droves daily. However, do we have a system that we can use to harvest them and deploy them? That’s how we listen to the voice of potential. Not all ideas will exploit your potential. Some of them will need you to recruit or join arms with others.

But all the same, whenever an idea is exploited to fruition, most definitely, the treasure trove of potential will have been raided and excavated.

Through life, the voice of potential will always speak, always reach out and always hint. Let’s learn to take heed.

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