The 4 Interesting Things About Life That Qualifies All

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The 4 Interesting Things About Life That Qualifies All


to popular belief, life is all-inclusive. I know we might differ about the origin of mankind but in every theory or our origin, there is no discrimination within the species. In other words, life gives an opportunity for every individual to thrive and to be the best version of themselves.

It is true that in practice, there are “classes” of people on earth. These classes are distinguished primarily from their efforts in life. In other words, the higher classes have had some earning to do through their work. We know of people all over the world who have moved all through the classes by sheer determination.

No One is Exempt

That goes a long way in telling us that life qualifies all of us. Life is structured in such a way that if all of us applied the rules and principles, we shall make the best out of it. However, I have kept in insisting on this blog that life is not about how much we can get out of it, but how much we are contributing to it.

It is not us who are demanding from life some things, it is life that is demanding of us our contribution. All of us. In this article, I am sharing 4 things that equalize us all in life. I do believe that if we put all these four things into perspective, regardless of who we are and where we come from, we are setting ourselves up to live the ultimate of lives.

1.  Success is Available To all

First of all, you and I have to note that there is not a single definition of success. Each of us has our own personal definition of what we think success looks like.

The interesting thing about success is that it is like a mirage. In other words, when you just thought you had attained it, after a brief celebration, you realize that what you are standing on right now is not success, but a platform for even greater achievement.

Contrary to popular belief, success is not a reserve of a few. It not a thing that is only synonymous with the whites, or the Jews, or the Europeans, or Americans, or Kings and Kingdoms. Success is a human thing, and therefore everyone born of a woman can have access to it.


It might take longer. It might take decades or even transcend generations, but it not a reserve of a few special people. There are no special people. If there were, they would be different from the rest of us. They would be breathing a different kind of air and having a different type of blood pigment. We are all the same.

Perhaps our “sameness” in very many different ways is just an indication that we are all candidates of success. Therefore, success is available to all, not just a few individuals.

2. Life is Simple, Not As Complicated as We Think

The more I grow older, the more each year I realize that life is not as complicated as we deem it to be. It is not as sophisticated as we would imagine it to be. There are very few things in life that will, in the end, contribute to our success, significance and fulfilment.

All of us have access to these simple things. We shall take some time and explore all of them in detail. However, for now, I can tell you that the simplicity of life all over the globe make it possible for anyone anywhere to succeed.

Now, I am not talking about ease. I am talking about simplicity. When things are simple, it does not necessarily mean that they are simple. When you see someone doing something and it seems simple, it might not mean that it really is. At face value, it might be simple, but the back story will tell you of difficulty, hard work, perseverance and all.

That’s good news. The first conundrum we need to unlock in life is to know what the simple things are. Only then can we dedicate our lives to them. For now, just know that the answers to life are not as complicated as you might think. Life is simpler than we imagine it to be.

3. Success is Around, Not Way Out there

In relation to the previous point, people think that on top of life being complicate, their success is never around them. That’s why people shift from one geographical location to another in search of success. We know the story of acres of diamonds.

A man sells his land and uses the proceeds to travel the world looking for diamonds. The buyer finds those diamonds in that land. A man sells a gold mine for $100 thinking that there is no gold. The buyer hires a geologist who tells him that the vein of gold shifts when there are earthquakes. Within weeks, they find it.

Granted, there is some need for some people to shift geographically in order to find their success, but I have reason to believe that we can all start from where we are with what we have and make a fortune out of it. Success is within us and around us more than it is outside of us and away from us.

4. There is No One Useless

No one is a freeloader. No one came on the face of the earth lacking an intention and a purpose for which they can serve. We are all called. We all have purpose. Purpose is not a reserve of some special religious people out there. It is for all of us. I keep saying that even the madman out there in the streets was intended for destiny.

I believe with all of my heart that purpose is one of the great equalizers out there in life because everyone has it.

With these four thoughts, I believe that life can be equalized if we changed our mentality to grasp these school of thought. That means that anybody anywhere will make it in life to the degree that they believe these four things.