The Critical Importance of Self Birth

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March 9, 2020
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April 6, 2020

The Critical Importance of Self Birth


Twain told us that there are two important days in one’s life. The first is the day you were born, and the second is the day that you discovered why. Let me add something else. There is a third, very critical day in the life of a human, and that is the day called today. It is only on that day that one can give birth to oneself.

Tradition Doesn’t Self Birth

All of us are born and nurtured, at least most of us, until such a time that we can take care of ourselves. The nurturing that we go through for the most part helps us to survive and to fend for ourselves. The nurturing that we so badly need is the one that will introduce us to ourselves. This can only come through when we get on the path to self birth!

Every single one of us needs to go through that critical moment in life where we not only face ourselves, but we also get fully acquainted with who we really are. We get acquainted with who we were meant to be and what we were called to do. Sadly, it is possible to not face this day. The concept of giving birth to oneself is as foreign as aliens to many people.

Possible To Live Without it, Sadly

Unfortunately, it is possible to go through our entire lives only with the help of the nurturing that we received as we were raised up. That nurturing only taught us how to fend for ourselves, make money and put food on the table. It taught us how to take care of those we fall in love with so we can start a family with them. It doesn’t teach us to birth ourselves.

When we “arrive” or when we “make it in life”, we start the whole process of nurturing our young ones once again, and as you might have guessed it, we do it with the knowledge that we received from the nurturing that we went through ourselves. It would be totally different if we “gave birth” to ourselves. Anyone who gives birth to themselves will never fail to disciple their offspring to do the same.

It’s Done Daily

Birthing ourselves is something that has to be done daily. Here, there is only one who is pushing and that is the self. There could be midwives such as coaches and mentors and people in the human potential movement, but even without them, one can still learn how to birth themselves.

Let me give you a hint: Birthing yourself is no mean feat. It is not comfortable and it is not easy. But it is straight forward, so much so that everyone out there born of a woman can do this. In fact, I have even seen people with disabilities doing it much more, giving birth to themselves like never before.

What is it?

What does it mean to give birth to yourself? To give birth to yourself means to go against the grain and unearth the potential that has been put inside of you. Every time you see a human being, any human being for that matter, you are looking at billions of worth of inexhaustible potential wrapped up in one body. It is amazing. That potential can only be realized through the process of self-birth.

The thing is that it is possible to live all your life on earth and never even begin to realize how powerful, useful, meaningful and intended you were in the first place. It is possible to just survive. In fact, it is even possible to “thrive” and live life on the first lane but not realizing how below average your existence is, at least in the view of what could be! That is if you never gave birth to yourself.

Possible to Live Way Below Our Privileges

It is possible to live a “templified” life, where you are going through the motions of life dictated by other people and by events. The real giving birth to yourself will result in something unique, something different from the next person even if they are your identical twin. It will result in what this world is asking for, what this world is missing, “The manifestation of the sons of God”.

That is what is pretty much missing in life. Giving birth to yourself is a slow, deliberate and arduous process that must be endured only by the self. Your mother cannot do this for you. Your father, your lover, or even your mentor does not have the capacity to do this for you. You must do it yourself.

Why Self Birth?

Why does it have to be you doing it and no one else? The reason is simple. In fact, I dare say that this is exactly how God made the universe to function. It is about autonomy, in that God does not want micromanaged beings. It is also about the principle of the seeds in that God wants you to use processes and grow. It is also about the principle of ownership in that you own what you are personally involved in.

In the end, it is about the passion that grows from birthing yourself. The greatest day in the world is when a man or a woman works on themselves so hard that they are always in birth pains, bringing forth their uniqueness and their magnificence and the best version of who they possibly can become.

Today is The Day

That day is called today. It is the third day that Mark Twain missed. For as long as today exists, you and I have this sole responsibility to sculpt ourselves, getting rid of the dross, the culture, the comfort, the average and the ordinary. We do this in order to bring forth the fullness of our glory day by day because we do not appear in glory at once, but gradually.

Next up, we shall discuss just how you can give birth to yourself.