5 Reasons Why We Need Relationships Part 2

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March 3, 2020
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March 9, 2020

5 Reasons Why We Need Relationships Part 2


advancement of anybody in life can be strongly connected to relationships. This covers just about all the spheres of life. A saying that is trustworthy is this: No man is an island. Even if we wat to justify our aloneness by looking at our personality profiles, it goes without saying that we all need relationships.

The quality of our lives will be in direct correlation to the quality of the relationships we seek, keep and maintain. If I am successful, it will be because I relate with the successful. If I am mediocre, it will be because I relate and cherish the company of the average.


That notwithstanding, I have deduced that there are important reasons why mankind exists and thrives on relationships. In the previous article, we shared three reasons why we are in need of relationships.

  1. Relationships are in our nature. We derive fulfilment and completeness in life socially through them.
  2. Relationships are the vehicle through which we fulfil our purpose on earth. We allow other people to do their parts, we do ours. Without relating to others, life purpose will never be fulfilled.
  3. Relationships allow us to be unique and comfortable in ourselves. Each person has their own difference. It is through relationships that those different unique abilities, personalities and passions are exemplified.

Why We Are Not God

There are two more reasons why we need relationships that I will cover in this article. But first, let’s briefly discuss the concept of God and the Divine. We are aware that God cannot be created, cannot be destroyed and can be everywhere at the same time.

If God is partnering with humans, then one thing that he will do is to get his attributes into humans. Given that God will not put all his attributes in one person, he allows the power of relationships to deliver the results that he wanted. Here are the other two ways we benefit from relationships.

4. We are Not Infinite

Humans have limits. Unlike God, we are not endless and we are not immeasurable. We have boundaries relating to geography and time. In fact, we have spent centuries in existence trying to solve the conundrum of geography and time limits.

There is a solution that is as traditional as anything: relationships. Yes, the technological advances we have created have helped us to bridge the gaps created by geography and perhaps to some extent, by time.

Through Each other, Infinite

However, it is only through relationships that we are able to sort of become endless or infinite. It is through relationships that we can have our influence multiply around the world. It is through relationships that we can become endless, spreading our purpose on earth long after we are gone.

Is it a need that each of us has? The need to be infinite? I believe so. I believe that if we are to fully deploy our purpose and potential on earth, we have to have our efforts taper off into the realm of infiniteness. That is where relationships come in. The fact of the matter is that we can never be Almighty, but through relationships, we can achieve some semblance of being infinite that God does by just being God.

The fact of the matter is that we can never be Almighty, but through relationships, we can achieve some semblance of being infinite that God does by just being God. Click To Tweet

5. You Are Not All-Powerful

Power is something that people kill for. Each country on the universe has people clamouring for power. For over 24 years, Kenya had a strong man in the name of Daniel Arap Moil. In February 2020, the man was buried.

Power is of course needed on the face of the earth if we are to fulfil our purposes. There are different types of power, and we shall talk about those in the succeeding episodes. That notwithstanding, there is no human that is all-powerful in and of themselves.

Power From others

Every once in a while, we leverage the power that is available in other people through relationships. Given that we as humans do not have it all packaged in our individual selves, we can only synergize so that we can get that which we do not have.

That is where relationships come in. Power is needed to influence, to persuade and to cause things to happen. At times, in fact, most of the times, we do not have all that power with us. That is why we need to obtain it from other sources—relationships.

I do not know of any human being, past, present or future who will make it in life without leveraging the power of relationships. To “make it in life”, we need the following:

  • Social belonging
  • Interdependence of purpose
  • The unique input of others
  • The presence of others in geographical areas and time areas where we cannot reach
  • The different types of power available in others.

This can only be achieved through relationships. Let’s strengthen those relationships, shall we?