The One Secret Place to Always Retreat to in Order to Stay on Course

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August 17, 2017
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The One Secret Place to Always Retreat to in Order to Stay on Course


veryone has this beautiful place. This includes the 360 thousand babies that will have been born by the end of today, and the 150 thousand who would have died at the same period of time! The most interesting thing about these statistics is that it boils down to single individual people! Each is unique and special, and each is well armed with this powerful place where they can stay on course for their lives.

Staying on course in life means that you first of all know the course for which your life is to serve. This, I believe is the most important piece of information that we all need to have. I believe that it is much more important than any academic paper that you might acquire anywhere on earth. In fact, we are told that there are two major things that contribute to success:

In my interaction with people, I have come to realize that the average person does not have a personal vision. You have business strategists who are transitioning mega companies to profitability, but at a personal level, they have nothing in them that speaks of their personal vision for their lives.

Why People Do Not Have Vision

The greatest reason why people do not have a personal vision is that they think (and rightfully so) that it is a spiritual matter. Therefore, they think that the best person to help them get that vision is a spiritual leader such as a prophet, a seer, a sheik or a pastor.

In other words, people want something dramatic to happen to them, the same way it happened to Jesus when He was being baptized or to Moses at the backside of the desert. They want an encounter with the spiritual forces that will audibly and dramatically spell out their “calling” or purpose in life. I know this because in my purpose quest, there was a season where I put everything to a standstill “seeking God” in order to know why I was created.

That was beautiful, but what came out of that season was a very powerful revelation that I wrote I a poem. Unfortunately, I lost that poem and however long I look for it, I cannot find it. The essence of what I wrote was something like this:

Given to you is this day

Live and give out your best

And tomorrow’s sorrows, let rest

The Secret Place is the Heart

What I found out was that we already know what we are passionate about. I also found out that we might never know the full extent of what we are passionate about on day one of asking questions. I found out that vision grows, passion multiplies as you work on what you have. And I also found out that the best place anyone on earth can retreat to find out what matters to them is their heart. In a previous post, we talked about two emotions that will guide you to your purpose/vision—anger and compassion.

These two emotions are locked at the crux of where all things in your life happen—your heart. The wise man said,

“Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it”.

Isn’t that amazing? The source of your life is your heart. Now, I understand why people mistrust their hearts…it is for the same reason people appreciate more foreign goods than homemade ones. It is the same reason people in Jesus’ hometown took him for granted. It is the same reason why we ignore advice from a child. In other words, familiarity breeds contempt.

Other translations of the same text render it: from out of it are the issues of life. The word issues is originally translated to mean “boundaries”. Isn’t that amazing. The boundaries of your purpose in life are set in your heart.

In fact scriptures say that

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart…

Enough said here. In other words, if you wanted to do anything, save crocodiles, save innocent girls from trafficking, plant trees, build homes for orphans and so on, you find all that information not from text books, but from your heart.

And yet, life rewards us to the next levels based on how much we can remember that has been written in text books! Those who can remember what text books say are normally passed to the next level. Those who can’t are normally discarded and walk around thinking that they are useless to life, mere failures. Do not even get me started about those who have never had the opportunities to study those text books.

And Yet…

All of them have hearts! An each heart has eternity set in it. Each heart has its unique issues of life, its unique why. In it, you will find what general direction you need to take. Unfortunately, most people get the guts to follow their heart much later on in life when it is late. In fact the deathbed has tragically reconnected people with their “issues of life” to create the greatest regrets this world has ever seen.

People follow vision all the time, but they adamantly refuse to follow their hearts. Let me illustrate:

  • How many people get on board when a new money making venture comes to town? Droves.
  • How many people support a course initiated by others that makes the world a better place? Droves
  • How many people respond to a message of hope and a better tomorrow? All people of all walks of life.

But did you know where those initiatives came from? From someone’s heart

Today, if you will be reflective enough, you will realize how much eternity has been placed in your heart. You will realize that you do not need a prophet or a man of God to  tell you what to do. There are 7 billlion people on earth, and very few men of God. Believe me, if that was the format that God wanted you to use to access your vision, he would have 14 Billion people, each of the 7 Million people with a personal prophet.

In fact, my mentor Dr. Myles Munroe says it best:

Prophets are for people who do not listen!

In other words, God is already put eternity in your heart…but are you listening? Your answer is directly proportional to how many prophets you are seeking to speak to you. Calm down. Listen to your heart. Follow it. God will honor it. Ask King David he will confirm.


God most definitely communicates through prophets and other “Men of God”, but that was never his primary intention. He wants to speak DIRECTLY to you.