One More Nugget to Unlock your Great Potential

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June 27, 2014
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July 4, 2014

One More Nugget to Unlock your Great Potential

Many proponents of Life Purpose would tell you that your greatest asset in life is focus. They would tell you that you need to be as single minded as possible in the pursuit of your life purpose.

In fact, I have been on the forefront in the recent past championing a thorough focus on being faithful to a specific niche. There is one trouble to that message that I will share with you shortly. At first, we must reiterate the absolute importance of self awareness and authenticity. Great visionaries have narrowed down to one single and passionate pursuit through self awareness. They have become true to this pursuit with utmost consistency though authenticity.

There are great advantages to this kind of a lifestyle that I will just mention in passing:

  1. Maximizing one’s potential,
  2. Increasing one’s productivity
  3. Becoming an authority and a ‘go to’ person
  4. Being noticed by niche and industry leaders
  5. Getting collaboration from thought leaders in the area of pursuit

Now, back to the issue I have with total focus on niches and life purpose.

The only problem with absolute focus on only things related to areas around your Life Purpose is one: Timing. Before you can fully develop the Life Purpose, you will have to go through a season of trial and error.

In fact sometimes, you might have to end up doing things that you do not necessarily want to do, because in your thinking, they are not anywhere related to your life purpose.

Notice one thing though (and I am saying this in retrospect), nothing you go through in life is useless!

We are talking about unlocking your potential. No single human being knows their life purpose at birth…apart from few guys like John the Baptist, Samson, Samuel and Jesus Christ.

The single nugget that I wanted you to get today is that you can greatly benefit from things that are flatly outside of your ‘line’, or ‘niche’, by one stroke of genius: Learning from a baker!

Cake is made up of several ingredients. Without one, the taste of the cake drastically changes.

In my own life, I refused to go to University because I could not be admitted to do Law or Communication. My cut of points were less. The only course that I could have taken with my points was….Anthropology! I thought it would be a waste of time. I also thought that nobody got employed studying Anthropology! Nobody I knew had heard of that word anyway…but here is the thing: I did not know my Life Purpose THEN!

So what was the trouble in studying the course? I do not think there was. I believe that until we have zeroed in on our passion and niche and ultimately our Life Purpose, it is important to explore all the areas of our potential as much as we can stretch ourselves.

It is only when we know for sure what our purpose is that I would advice we ‘separate ourselves’, and focus totally on our niche with reckless abandonment.

In a nutshell, this is the nugget to unlock your potential: Be open to as many opportunities as are available. Maximize them when they come. Later on, they will be ingredients for your great purpose in life once you settle down.


Question: Are there times that you thought your life was a waste?