New Year’s Message-Part 3: Structures for Dreams and Desires

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January 1, 2014
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January 3, 2014

New Year’s Message-Part 3: Structures for Dreams and Desires

There is a secret to creation. There is a reason as to why God created what he did and in the order that he did. In my understanding, anything that came prior to the creation of man was what you could call ‘side-shows’. Much like the supporting cast of the hero in many superpower story lines.

That is by no means demeaning the supporting cast. They are so crucial in that without them, the hero would be useless. I hope you get the point.

In 2014, how you and I apply this secret that God used in creation will determine whether we finish what we set to do or not. [Click to Tweet Please]

Many people, myself included are at this point in time writing/re-writing their goals or making new year resolutions. This is perfectly OK. I love the New Year because it shows us how many ‘second chances’ we can receive over a life time.

Think about how many second chances you have had ever since you were a teenager? And as you read this, think about this massive second chance that you have in 2014. (something to tweet)

To do things right,

To implement lessons learnt previously,

To reach out to your full potential,

To draw closer to your wildest dreams and desires

To live and love and matter, as Brendon Burchard would say.

The fact is that you can only make in impact in your life and indeed in the lives of others if you

  • 1.      Know the secret of creation
  • 2.     Apply the secret of creation.

Think about it…God wanted the whole earth to be filled with his sons and daughters at creation. Why didn’t he just create us all at once?

Well, if he did that, he would have deprived the world one of the most gracious gifts of life: the ability to grow, to learn, to expand.

So what did he do?


God sat down and put some structures in place that will guarantee the fulfillment of his dreams. You and I today are living within those structures. We can corrupt them, ignore them or misuse them, but they will never change. Some of them are what people call the laws of nature. (Tweet this please)

If you intend to succeed in 2014, apart from identifying your passion, documenting your dreams and desires, it will be prudent if you had supporting structures in place to bring your ideas to fruition. (Tweet this please)

Think about it. Why in the world don’t we meet goals more often? Why do we always wait for another New Year to set the same goal over several years without attaining it? It is because we lack supporting structures to implement.

At the end of the day, the structures are more elaborate than the goals themselves:

  1. Routine: Just like God did not create 6 billion people in one second but let the ‘seeds’ do that job, you must crystallize the major goal into daily activities.
  2. System: This goes past the feelings and emotions. It is as simple as the timetable we used to set as kids in primary school for our spare time reading.
  3. Tracking: The structures you put in place must on a daily basis track what you have done in relation to what you had set to do. You need to document the deficit and explicitly explain why there was a deficit
  4. Rewarding: On a daily basis, what percentage did you achieve? What do you reward yourself for this achievement?

Let me guarantee you one thing: The person that will put down some structures to support his/her dreams and desires for 2014 is the one that is most prepared to be a finisher.

Once again, Happy New Year!