New Year’s Message: 4 Things About Passion

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November 25, 2013
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New Year’s Message: 4 Things About Passion

One thing is for sure…Passion is attractive! Nobody wants to recommend a passionless individual…we easily retweet or amplify passionate messages but shun the flat and ordinary.

I hate it (Strong word, I know) when I am not passionate. I do not like it when there is nothing am ‘carrying’ in the inside of me that I am passionate about. If you were to find me at my lowest point ever, it would be when I am passionless! Tweet this Please!

The Two Dimensions of Passion

Before I can talk about the three things about Passion, let me talk about the two dimensions of passion:

  • Active Passion: If you have it, people want to join with you. They want to Identify with you. If someone else has it, you feel it, you are mesmerized by it, you see it in their eyes and you want to join them. Such passion is in action…not in speech only.
  • Snuffed Out Passion: Either gradually by circumstances or neglegence or directly and acutely by being denied of your rights. Nelson Mandela, goes without saying had this kind of passion. With him, as much as he wanted to have active passion while free, he was forced out of the picture. The worst kind of snuffed out passion is the one orchestrated by self! Click to Tweet Please

Four Things about Passion:

  1. Urgency:Passion creates urgency more than anything. The good thing about this urgency is that it is positive urgency. When you are passionate about something, you always want to talk about time. Jesus Christ would ocassionally say, ‘the time has come’…it would show that this urgency is set to drive us to do something within a ‘window of opportunity’.
  2. Consistency:You will always know a passionate person by what they consistently do and talk about. If in 2013 I was an accountant, and in 2012 I was a blogger, and in 2011 I was a speaker (emphasis on was), then I have not mastered the use of passion. Passion although it denotes strong feelings of emotion is normally upheld by sheer consistency when the feelings are long gone. Consistency is the death knell to ‘new Year Resolutions’ that expire in February. Click To Tweet Please!
  3. Purpose:To paraphrase scripture, “Zealousness is good with knowledge”. In other words, you had better be passionate about something of value. To be passionate about #Arsenal football club and not be passionate about any other thing in life is useless. I can say that again but I won’t. For example, I am passionate about enriching people’s lives with motivating knowledge. You see, at the end of the day, it is good that your passion enriches someone else. Otherwise, there is no use of being passionate. Click To Tweet Please!
  4. Determination:In a tweet the other day, I warned people not to unscrupulously swallow all the messages that the New Year’s ‘prophets’ will churn out as is tradition. The fact is that even with passion, you are going to face some setbacks and challenges. What you do when they come is what is important. To be determined simply means to make sure that what you started is finished, even if the first option did not serve you.


I know that there is a flurry of activities in setting new year resolutions once again. My advice would be simple:


Find out something of purpose that you can be passionate about and be determined to consistently live that urgency to the beneifit of yourself and the world in 2014. Please Click to Tweet My New Year’s Message