We Are Much More Resilient Than We Think

January 21, 2013
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March 13, 2013

We Are Much More Resilient Than We Think

“The object of your desire has probably always existed around you, but your mind and eyes weren’t open to “seeing” it”.

~ Darren Hardy

What if you left your house in a huff, boarded a bus to town and only halfway through the journey you discover that you forgot your wallet? What would happen?

Here is the situation: You are totally cashless at that moment in time. Does it mean that you do not have options? Let me ask it this way: Will you at the end of the day find yourself back at home?

The bus people need their fare…

You cannot go back home, your day will be messed…

You will still have to go back home in at the close of the day…

Do not forget that you might need some cash for lunch…

What would you do?

Ok, let us then flip the scenario to a different one…albeit very common across the globe.

You are jobless. You have no income. You have a family to feed. You have rent and other bills to pay. You have to eat…and you have no income. Let us ask the same question. Does it mean that you do not have options?

I personally think that this is one of those most powerful questions that we need to answer. The answer to this question needs to be so embedded in our subconscious. I bet you that the reason many people are stuck is because they do not give themselves much credit.

To be fair, I think being stuck is being stuck regardless of the magnitude. An individual who is stuck at home because of lack of bus fare is just as stuck in his situation as a visionary who is stuck on publishing his book because of lack of finances.

It is the same ‘stuck’, if you will, just multiplied several times. My point in saying that is to say this: we always have options…and at times if we are pushed hard enough, we will get unstuck somehow.

Another scenario is this: In the midnight hour, your 7-month old baby falls scaringly sick. You have no cash to take him to hospital. What are you going to do? I bet that the pressure exerted upon you by virtue of your love for your child will compel you to do just about anything, including waking up your neighbor whom you are not in talking terms with. You know I am right.

So what is the difference between those ‘extreme’ situations and the one situation that you are stuck with right now? The difference is care. The difference is also created by the pressure. The care and pressure are forces too great that overwhelm anything that stands against you: fear of rejection, shame and embarrassment, procrastination and outright laziness.

In short, what we are saying today is that for the most part we are not stuck. For the most part, we just have awkward ‘illusionary roadblocks’ ahead of us. If we can bring ourselves to generate enough internal power to overcome these roadblocks, nothing really can cause us to remain stuck.

The next time you find yourself stuck, get to analyze the situation by asking yourself this questions:

What Am I really afraid of?

What is the inevitable?

Is there anything I can do immediately?

What do I have to lose for doing it?

What do I have to gain for venturing out?

This is a more pragmatic way of looking at a stuck situation than just to generalize the ‘stuck’. In fact, in doing this, you avail yourself with several options that you can take. Most people in a stuck situation would want someone else to help them out…the way I think life is designed is that if we can just zero in on ourselves, we might have more options than we think we do.

Have a problem solving week, wont you?