I Too…Could Kill

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September 25, 2013
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October 3, 2013

I Too…Could Kill

It’s Monday 30th September. I am at office and I just can’t work. Tears are close by. I am angry…I am furious. My heart is in little shreds. I feel so helpless and so hopeless at the same time.

“If I had a clear shot at the terrorists, I would have taken it” -Abdul

It is exactly Seven Days since barbaric airheads stormed into Westgate shopping mall in Westlands, Nairobi, hurling grenades and showering the public with bullets from automatic guns. They then proceeded to stage a four-day siege that had the whole world focusing on what would happen in Kenya. At least 60 people were killed, 175 wounded…and this is where the mystery is: countless others were taken hostage.

Why has it taken me 7 days to get this angry? During this saga, I was bed-ridden suffering from a bout of Malaria and so I had the chance to follow the drama closely. I believed all that the government spokesman said…mostly that ‘the Kenyan security forces are in control’. That gave me a sense of relief.

I must admit that I never said a prayer for the victims and their families. God forgive me. I have absolutely no excuse for that.

Part of the operation to rescue at the mall. If this does not touch you, I don’t know what will


However, today it just dawned on me that the information given to the world by the Kenyan Government was not the whole truth. I trust that the Government knows better than I do…and maybe I cannot fault them.

What sends tears to my eyes and causes this heartbreak to me is the knowledge that these vagabonds did actually torture those helpless hostages at the mall.

Maybe, my heartbreak is compounded with the fact that my family is half a continent away from me. I just cannot imagine a human being isolated from his/her loved one…and in the hands of a terrorist…being tortured. It breaks my heart to shreds.

I cannot imagine a helpless child yanked away from her parents in the hands of a barbaric terrorist. It kills me!

I am sure people have serious questions. Not just to the Government…but also to God himself.

Rescue Operations…


The anger and heartbreak I feel inside of me right now is massive. I have to be honest with you. If I had the power in my hands, I too would kill the terrorists without batting an eyelid.

Not that I have been reduced to be a barbarian like they are…but that sometimes love demands violent response against those who hurt our loved ones. What happened to ‘turn the other cheek’? You might ask. No cheeks were being slapped here…harmless lives were being taken by terrorists!

…and then those who are going out saying that it’s God’s will…I have no words for you.

Let me say it again…if someone was hurting my loved ones who are helpless and powerless, I too, could kill the terrorists.

One of the heroes in the through this saga said that If he had a clear shot at one of the terrorists, he would not hesitate to take it. I would take several….and so I hear rumors that the said terrorists could have escaped through a drainage system…

One thing is for sure though: I need to repent for my prayerlessness…and I need to repent BIG TIME.