June 17, 2013
How To Know You Have Settled For Less in Your Life
June 30, 2013


“Nothing will ever dominate your life unless it happens daily”

~ Dr. Mike Murdock

“Thank God it’s Friday!”…two days later, ‘Monday Blues’. Two days later, “When will the weekend come?”. Repeat that process for half a life time and you have a wasted life to say the least! Who begun all this madness of looking forward for Fridays and hating Mondays? Honestly!


I tell you what? The reason why people long for Fridays and curse Mondays is that they have left their world (or the world) to dictate their pace. Pure and simple. At the very intention of creation, the purpose for the existence of a human soul was never to play second fiddle to creation.

The human soul is designed to rule, dominate, subdue and make the most of what has been created! That includes largely or centrally, every single minute of the days of our lives! The TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) crew in my submission are a rebellious bunch so subtly that they wouldn’t guess! Here are people whose sole mandate is to dominate their environments yet they are so hang up with an escapist attitude looking forward for the weekend. You deserve rest when you have really worked towards your purpose!

It is a sorry day when 84% of the TGIF crew have nothing to show for the whole week in terms of being purposeful, fruitful, dominant and creative yet they are so looking forward for the weekend! It makes you think that the weekends are the most important days in our lives, which is wrong. Every single day is important.

My pastor used to say that the highlight of our week should be a Sunday! Today, I seriously beg to differ. The highlight of every created human being should be every single day of the week! Let me explain. If the highlight of your week is a Saturday, then psychologically, you will look down on a Monday. You might even curse it! What happens then? You become unproductive on that day.

“Building Security has notified us that there have been 6 suspected terrorists working at our office. Four of the six have been apprehended. Bin Sleeping, Bin Loafing, Bin Gossiping, and Bin Surfing have been taken into custody. Security advised us that they could find no one fitting the description of the fifth cell member, Bin Working, in the office. Police are confident that anyone who looks like Bin Working will be very easy to spot. They thought they had apprehended Bin Working sitting at a desk, but it was actually Bin Surfing trying to impersonate Bin Working. Bin Facebooking is still missing”

~CK Japheth

To make every single day the highlight of your week, here are some seven important things that you need to do.

  1. Race Against Yourself:This by far is done by very few people. I am yet to find a soul that competes hard against themselves cursing a Monday and blessing a Friday! Find me one and I will show you a phoney! Ask yourself: Generally, what do I want to accomplish? Against what can I measure that accomplishment? How do I cascade it down to each day? How do I track my progress daily? This is what happens when I am racing against myself in any day: I look forward so much to the next activity with enthusiasm. When done and checked, I am a happy man. I do not have to wait for Friday! Every single minute is an opportunity to be happy and productive.
  2. Have a daily theme: This helps a lot. If you can name your days, each day is bound to become a highlight. I have had some seasons in my life that I have had to name my weeks. When I am down in week one for example, I name week 2 as recovery and restoration week. Then I schedule my non-negotiables around restoration and recovery.
  3. Schedule daily Habits: You see, my action/habit today forms who I will be tomorrow. Today is a seed for tomorrow. So you cannot curse a Monday, can you? That is being daft. You have a chance to every single day schedule purposeful activities that you must do. The TGIF crew know nothing about this. They think that this kind of life is for CEOs and COOs. Well, it actually is. The catch is your focus. If you think you are not a CEO of your own life, you are the living dead. You are also the COO, CMO, and all those titles that matter to yourself! Schedule daily habits.
  4. Schedule Fun: “Schedule your pleasure because your pain will schedule itself” ~ Mike Murdock. I couldn’t agree more! There is nothing wrong with Facebooking, Whatsapping, Tweeting, Pinteresting, LinkInning, Instagraming and blogging! These things are fun. The only problem is when 90% of employees start their days with Facebooking and checking which player has been poached by which team at how much! If you could have a schedule that you can use to be on social media as well as have fun daily, you will find out that each day becomes a highlight.
  5. Review and Reward Yourself: Allocate yourself some marks on every activity that you have checked off successfully. Build a graph of sorts on this one. At the end of the day, you will know what ‘Percentage’ of intentionality that you achieved. So the following day, you will be able to know if you went up or down on yesterday’s values. This is pure self motivation. It makes every day the highlight of your week. The TGIF crew have absolutely no clue how they performed on purpose yesterday, today and tomorrow. But they sure do want a weekend! Each day should be reviewed in terms of what you are accomplishing against what you set to accomplish in the first place.
  6. Discipline Yourself: Well, this is a big one. No one will have a highlight if they are not disciplined. With discipline comes tremendous razor-sharp focus! That means you attend to your scheduled activity with all the due focus it deserves, against all distractions. You need to obey your timelines. Do not deviate from them. Do not extend an activity to the next. Live one day at a time. You cannot do 200 push ups in one day…unless you are an athlete. Be faithful to every activity that you have scheduled. Do not play God. I know you can do some multitasking and have two activities done at the same time, eg. driving and listening to something inspirational. Do not over do today, you are not dying in the evening.
  7. Put a smile on someone’s face: Make it a passion to make someone’s day a highlight. This does not need for you to purchase a Benz for them. It is the little things that matter. A phone call, a text, a Facebook Photo…whatever. Just go out of our way to make someone happy today. That will give you a highlight in an instant. It works! Many people want to be happy….they do not know that the shortcut is to make others happy. In fact, subconsciously, I could say that the highest form of our existence as human beings is to matter to somebody else…to be meaningful to them…to impact their lives. It could be a colleague, a family member, a friend, someone younger than yourself, someone older, an employer or an employee. Find a creative way to put a smile on someone’s face today. That, my friend, definitely is a highlight of your day!

So there you have it. Next time I hear you saying Thank God It’s Friday….you better have a good reason for saying that!