How to Have a World Class Life

July 9, 2013
July 22, 2013

How to Have a World Class Life

“Discontent and restlessness is part of the searcher in you”

~ Dr. Mike Murdock

 World class! Who does not want that? There was a time I was flying with my boss on Economy class. For some reason, the airline ‘upgraded’ me to Business Class as I was boarding. It was so funny that the boss wanted us to swap tickets right then and there! I laughed about it. The consolation was that the boss also got the same ‘upgrade’.

When everything is constant, every human being has an innate desire for ‘more’, for better. I love people who have a ‘holy discontentment’ of what they are now, what they are getting and where they are. I am one of them. God loves them too. In fact, I would say that all that God has done and is doing, whether obscure or prominent is for the general purpose of fitting in a ‘World Class’ agenda.

The free dictionary defines the phrase World class as follows:

“Ranking among the foremost in the world; of an international standard of excellence; of the highest order; 

“of or denoting someone with a skill or attribute that puts him or her in the highest class in the world”

The phrase World Class could mean among other things: Uncommon, Extra-ordinary, ‘Out of this world’. I do not know of an individual who would not be interested in living a world class life…OK, may be the super-spiritual and the ignorant.

However, wanting to live a world class life is one thing, actually living it is another. What I am convinced strongly is that no one was meant to live an ordinary, average life. A simple study of the make up of the internal systems of a human being tells you as much.

All of us have the potential of living a world class life. A world class life not only fulfills you, it reverberates to impact others positively in more than one generation. For the record, a world class life is not the life of popular personalities in Movies, Sports, Television and Politics…far from it! Well, all these people have gained notoriety yet notoriety is not the yardstick of measuring a world class life.

  • There are wives who know that they have world class husbands,
  • There are husbands who know that they have world class wives,
  • There are children blessed with world class parents,
  • And there are parents who are guiding children to be world class citizens,
  • There are leaders, and then there are world class leaders whoever obscure they could be.
  • There are world class coaches, world class teachers, world class pastors, world class friends and so on.

The following are ways you can have a world class life:

  1. Know and Intend:

If we are going to be world class, we must first be clear in knowledge of what world class means. We need to know what a world class life looks like. Here is the thing, your definition of world class is totally different from mine. Its true. Your definition of success is totally different from mine. It is not a measure of right and wrong. It is a measure of desire. That’s why my pastor says that “If you are happy with what you have, even God cannot change that”. After knowing your world class, it is time to have a daily intention about it.

  1. No Compromise:

Refuse to settle for anything less than world class! I wrote about this here. One of the greatest tragedies of humanity is the masses who settle for less (Tweetable quote). Just the fact that you know what a world class means to you does not mean that it will fall of the sky to you. It takes time, commitment, patience, collaboration, failure, feedback and so on to finally experience the world class life. It is a Life Signature. As visionaries, we never really graduate in life…we keep reaching out, being better, deeper, more caring, more loving and more valuable!

  1. Selfishness:

OK here we go with raised eyebrows! Look, if you want to be world class, you have to start with yourself. I am a firm stickler of racing against yourself, focusing on yourself. Before you can compete with the world, have you competed against yourself? There is no champion who never self competed. In fact, the best way to love someone else is to love yourself. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” is not one of the golden rules, it is a commandment. This is a big one. This point alone has created as many champions as it has felled many from prominence. Take note.

  1. Selflessness:

Oh! Did you feel the change in the atmosphere with the mention of that word? A world class life is not entirely selfish. These four words, “How may I help you”, deepens the owner so great, showing forth their capacity to care. A world class life is lived on these two words, “I care”. It is a life has the focus of others at all times. If your ultimate goal in life is to matter to others in a positive way, you are a candidate for a world class life. This is as big as God and His very nature.

  1. Order:

A world class life is full of order! A world class husband for example has his world (house) organized in order under his leadership. You cannot have a world class life with dis-order. That is worse than an oxymoron in that it does not exist!

  1. Excellence:

You are continuously seeking for ways to improve. You are open to correction. You are always looking for the latest in technology or advancement to use. You want things done the best possible way. You are do what is expected plus one. That is world class.

  1. Passion:

Ever seen a world class cemetery? Who would want one anyway? There is no passion in death. I mean, I have never met a passionate dead man or woman. Have you? So if you want a world class life, how about get some great passion going on in your life? How about you be passionate about what matters to you? Passion does not talk of feelings. Passion talks of commitment. The feelings ensue from commitment, they do not drive it.

From today, we will be welcoming several guests here on Life Signatures to share with us their thoughts on several aspects of their lives as we focus on a world class life.

Stay tuned.